Thursday, May 13, 2004

i should feel like an evil person. i couldn't stop laughing when i went through the news section of the paper today. any story or image of tragedy that i came across today was just...funny. even pictures of dads mourning their sons who had been decapitated by iraqis.

but then i guess there's some days that you can only handle being upset for so long or for only so many reasons. and then you just have to laugh, regardless of the situation. besides, i usually laugh at inappropriate times, anyways.


i'm half-assedly trying out one feng-shui tip i learned yesterday, to see if it does any good. if it works, then i'll try more. (though apparently my desk and the stuff on it is set up in the best way possible, albeit in a messy version of it) so let me know if i suddenly seem at all productive in the coming week.

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