Tuesday, May 04, 2004

h e a d a c h e

maybe i should start trying to remember to eat.

busy busy day. and yet not. but the day started at 7am and it's now 10:45pm and i just got home.

be a nice sister, work on email quitting praha thingy but don't get round to sending it, go to doctor (who doesn't believe me, just means i'll be back in a day or so), physio, finish bridal show stuff, blood test, up to SFU, pseudo-meeting, minidisc recorder, zoom home to get minidisc, downtown for citizen's assembly meeting, then home.

and i'd send the quitting email but i want to finetune it a bit more (MUST LEAVE LOOPHOLES FOR EASY ESCAPE IF NEED BE) and head's aching too much right now.

and although the blood test is for something not too good, it's a little exciting anyways. kinda like writing a final exam and thinking that you failed but still just wanting to know for sure. well, not quite, but still. now i'm kinda looking forward to thursday/friday, whenever results come back.

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