Monday, May 17, 2004

as of today, the only theatres i'll go to are new west, tinseltown, or pinetree. or the festival theatres, but those are slightly excluded in usual listings anyways. paid $8 to see a film today, and as fun as it was, that's way too much fuckin money to go to a movie. when the hell did $5 matinees disappear??? who on earth has money to see movies when they're priced that much? it's not gonna encourage anyone not to download movies for free, now, is it.

however. that said. having cashed a cheque yesterday, i felt deceptively rich (or at least allowed to spend money) and decided to see Van Helsing today with ed. and i enjoyed it muchly. probably because i didn't have high expectations. would have liked to've seen the entire film in black and white, like it is in the beginning, because it would have suited the Monster Flick genre all the better then, but it was still fun. cheesy lines. lotsa monsters. wandering accents. lots of opportunities for mockery. random shots of praha -- i mean, "budapest" -- to make me feel prague-sick. but i realised that something i saw being filmed the day i met ondrej was actually for van helsing. good times...

sometime before i die, however, i need to attend a party like the one in the film, with acrobats and contortionists and choreographed dancing and fancy costumes and lots of colour (offset by beautiful shades of black) and violinists balanced on giant balls. ed says i need to be a lot more evil in order to ever attend one. so i'm gonna work on it. or perhaps i'll just host one meself some day, in my magnificent mansion that i'll never buy with the money i'll never earn.

you're all invited, of course.

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