Wednesday, May 05, 2004

according to a book of julie's, "the majority" of sexual encounters in the U.S. occur at 10:34 p.m. this revelation was made at precisely 10:34 p.m. tonight. such timing.

today i learned that i was an annoying baby. apparently i cried and screamed all the time for no good reason. the doctor told my mother that i was bored. solution? my mother carried me around in a snuggly while she did the chores, and that shut me up because i had things to look at. but after a certain point my mother needed a break, so she had to put me down to do some of the work and i'd start crying all over again. finally my mother decided to drown me out, so she put me in the next room and turned up the CBC until she couldn't hear my screams anymore. but when she did that, i shut up immediately and just lay there listening intently to classical music. so she'd found a new way to keep me interested in the world that let her get her work done from then on.

so apparently i was a music person from the beginning. fascinating, don't you think?

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