Wednesday, April 28, 2004

today, instead of attending an early-morning film screening, catherine and i (pretending to be yuppies in disguise) took a last-minute detour to the Groomed Beach of Fakeness, where we were sexy marilyn monroes and supermen and giant trucks while the wind made whitecaps behind us, as i gulped down an extra large hot chocolate in a matter of minutes (the wind had already made it a luke-warm chocolate instead) so that my stomach wouldn't revolt against the bumblebee pill i had to take. after discussing Matters of Utmost Importance (camping, siblings, and whether it was more in style to have a therapist or to be taking prescribed anti-depressants), we decided that the wind was too much and left to drop in on a friend of catherine's who lives above an italian deli along the drive, who soon became my Hero for today. lucky for us, she'd just come home. after being chewed on by her puppy and catching up for awhile, we decided to accomany her to the laundromat, it being Laundry Day in her house and all. we ran into peter and sarah and learned about the rewards of microbiology before heading off for food and puppy play.

that was only half the day, but it was the majority of the good half - much fun and silliness and commentary worthy of six-year-olds (though intelligent ones, mind you!).

so many people around me seem to be growing up rather well. while i feel like i'm regressing in age.

i'm not necessarily complaining, though.

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