Monday, April 12, 2004

today at church (first time there since i've been back... so first time there in about two years? aiyaa..) when it came time for communion i couldn't decide whether to go up for it or not. when it came to the crunch, i went, because that's just what i've done for years. it felt strange and wrong, though.

kahlil told me that if it would make me feel better she'd forget that i went up. it sorta helped.

kahlil and i had fun during service. we broke it out during the descant in the final hymn. we exclaimed how grown up people look now. we lamented the lack of Church! The Musical. we critiqued the other hymns and how terrible they really were. we made snarky comments during the (fire&brimstone) service. we spent a great deal of time choking back laughter.

i'd already spent the first quarter of the service chatting with elisa and telling sacreligious (but funny!) jokes. she says that she really actually does miss us coming to church regularly, despite the fact that if church were class, me, rebecca and daniel would likely be sent to the principal's office almost daily.

i kept my utter amusement at Black Gangsta Jesus during the gospel reading to meself, though. because if i'd mentioned it during the service kahlil and i wouldn't have been able to hold in laughter. rebecca and daniel found it amusing on the drive to the ferry terminal, though, during which rebecca made rude and/or seductive gestures to every guy checking out the hawtties in the minivan.

this was after easter dinner, during which rebecca did not explode, but we discussed the possibility of selling her (and sufferers of epidemics in asia) as a new party game, as well as the merits of Full Contact Fancy Dinners. and daniel gave me a potato wrapped in chocolate foil and tried to convince me it was peanut butter-filled, after tragedies of over-minting. the lamb and even the ham were decidedly tasty, though. my grandma prolly wasn't too impressed with us, though.

and then i drew a picture in MS Paint to illustrate everything that was bothering me at the moment for the sole purpose of posting it on the internet, where i could wallow in my angst with everyone else whose lives are full of hardships. it was a cathartic experience. isn't it impressive? i didn't even know i had that much talent.

and now i'll sleep to get rid of this headache and wake at 6 AM to write papers. wheee!!!

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