Friday, April 16, 2004

since i've been back in canada, today's the first day that i've had that didn't have any pressing deadlines looming ahead of me. or, at least, the fewest by far. when i came back in january the semester had already started and i had to go to class first thing the next day to beg my way into classes and start thinking about final papers and go to the knee surgeon, and that was even before i'd had a chance to clean my laundry after the plane ride!

so now i don't know what to do with meself, really. get a job, of course, but other than that.... ::shrugs::

but handed in the final final final paper yesterday (a day late - shhhh! ..but i wasn't the only one!), cleaned out the arts editor section (much easier to do than cleaning out my own stuff - so much went into the trash!), and when i finally got home i found out that, Surprise! That road test you thought was on the 26th? It's tomorrow morning! Think you can manage? Cuz either way you have to pay for it now....

so i woke up early and went for the road test and hurrah and huzzah passed and am now rid of the N plate forever, but the best bit about that was that i only got one demerit - for skipping a shoulder check that i'd thought of doing but deemed pointless as the road had already been determined to be deserted. makes up wonderfully for driving tests in the past. at least i didn't have to redo this one at all.

and i think i have most things settled for the first newspaper issue so i don't need to figure that out anymore at the moment.

and now i'm really stress-free. and i should have / wanted to go to the art show tonight but really felt more like watching a film and doing some magazine work at home instead, because when that's done then i have this weekend completely and totally to meself. i'm sure the show was fun... but watching french films with daniel and finishing up edits and silly debates online with nicky was more what i needed.

so. who wants to make plans for the weekend?

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