Monday, April 05, 2004

rebecca wrote this:

Now, I don't by any stretch think I can get an accurate measure of someone just by reading their webpage. People writing on the Internet are aware of their potential audience and will choose to censor (or not) accordingly. I'm a prime example of this. The amount of information I leave out when posting usually outweighs whatever actually ends up on my page. Sarah, too demonstrates this. My perception of Sarah online is vastly different from my perception of her in real life, though sometimes just as whiny. In real life, I think she comes across as much more aggressive, rather than indecisive. I'm not saying, really, that she's either, but that's what makes even personal pages so interesting to read. The way the person chooses to present themself can be interesting. (Of course, I'm the person who will spy through my curtains to see if that neighbour is wandering around his house naked again, or if this neighbours kids are skipping school for the second time this week, so it could just be an extension of my voyeurism).

all of this amuses me for a few reasons.
A - the thought of me as aggressive
B - rebecca sneaking peaks at nekkid neighbours
but most importantly: "Sarah, too demonstrates this."
C - the fact that rebecca is missing a comma!

rebecca has a profound hatred for the comma. i like commas. a lot. i think they're dandy. i use them far too often, and whenever i send something to rebecca for edits she takes them all out. but in the midst of her mandate to purge the world of excess commas, she messes up and takes out too many! ha ha!

...okay so this only amuses me. what's your point?

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