Friday, April 02, 2004

the physio lady thinks that i'm a wimp, i can see it in her eyes.

every time i see her, she tries to make my leg bend and stretch a little bit more, pushing on it and forcing it to the limit. and it does make a difference and to a certain extent, it feels so good to push it a little bit more.

but at the same time, it can only go so far before it hurts like the dickens.

what physio lady doesn't seem to realise is that i have a pretty high pain tolerance most of the time and if i don't it's because i'm exhausted and falling apart and just can't handle it anyways. i've already gotten quite used to the fact that my knee hurts all the time. i'm kinda used to not feeling completely well anyways.

so if i'm actually saying that it hurts or crying out in pain when she's forcing it.... it's not that i'm a wimp that doesn't want to take it. it's that it really fuckin hurts!!

ah well, what can ya do.

1 paper down, 5 (and a half) to go. but tonight i sleep. and i'm thrilled.

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