Saturday, April 24, 2004

i've really appreciated the wind today. s'lovely.

today i met kirby, the work experience kid at CJSF. middle name clifford, if i recall correctly. i can't recall his last name anymore, but altogether his is one of the most appealing and endearing names i've ever heard. if it were me i'd be torn between hating my parents for a bizarre name and loving them for it.

i'm on antibiotics again because, once again, my body refuses to notice any strangeness because it's too used to feeling strange until suddenly i just know that something is wrong and go to the doctor anyway. and shows no usual symptoms either. i'm sure that learning to ignore pain over the past few months hasn't helped either.

not that i'm complaining. i just find it amusing and astounding whenever the doctor tells me that whatever it is that ails me is extremely bad and why on earth did i not come to see them earlier.

at any rate. it explains my moods over the past few weeks. the pills are fun, though. they look like bumblebees. and when the pharmacist gave them to me her last comment was a warning that they might make my pee turn orange.

thus far, there is no orangish hue. i'm disappointed.

and now, in a surprise twist, i'm going to bed. 12 hours was enough of a day for me today.

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