Wednesday, April 07, 2004

the girl sitting diagonally across from me in the computer lab's got the niftiest shirt i've seen today. i keep finding myself staring at it. not at her, not at her breasts, but at the shirt itself. hopefully she doesn't catch me, because no one likes the staring-blankly-into-space stare directed at them. because that's the creepy one. it's her fault for wearing a subconsiously fascinating shirt when i'm busy thinking about what to write.

must remember what it looks like, to make one for myself.

random off-note: going through old notes tucked into my cd case i found notes on the design of a hat i saw someone wearing two years that really caught my eye that made me want to make one of my own. never made the hat, but reading it, i just realised that the person who had been wearing it then is someone that i've met and somewhat befriended this semester. curiously amusing.

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