Wednesday, April 28, 2004

today, instead of attending an early-morning film screening, catherine and i (pretending to be yuppies in disguise) took a last-minute detour to the Groomed Beach of Fakeness, where we were sexy marilyn monroes and supermen and giant trucks while the wind made whitecaps behind us, as i gulped down an extra large hot chocolate in a matter of minutes (the wind had already made it a luke-warm chocolate instead) so that my stomach wouldn't revolt against the bumblebee pill i had to take. after discussing Matters of Utmost Importance (camping, siblings, and whether it was more in style to have a therapist or to be taking prescribed anti-depressants), we decided that the wind was too much and left to drop in on a friend of catherine's who lives above an italian deli along the drive, who soon became my Hero for today. lucky for us, she'd just come home. after being chewed on by her puppy and catching up for awhile, we decided to accomany her to the laundromat, it being Laundry Day in her house and all. we ran into peter and sarah and learned about the rewards of microbiology before heading off for food and puppy play.

that was only half the day, but it was the majority of the good half - much fun and silliness and commentary worthy of six-year-olds (though intelligent ones, mind you!).

so many people around me seem to be growing up rather well. while i feel like i'm regressing in age.

i'm not necessarily complaining, though.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

as good as all the recipes look and as wonderful a show as i'm sure this is, any brit's gonna see a problem with the show's name.

but my oh my the food looks gooooooooood...

Sunday, April 25, 2004

sarah: oh, i need money!
daniel: there's always crime...
sarah: crime doesn't pay.
daniel: it does if you're brad pitt.
sarah: brad pitt gets lots of money because he's brad pitt.
daniel: NO, brad pitt gets lots of money because he's a sexy piece of man.
daniel: ...oh, snap.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

i've really appreciated the wind today. s'lovely.

today i met kirby, the work experience kid at CJSF. middle name clifford, if i recall correctly. i can't recall his last name anymore, but altogether his is one of the most appealing and endearing names i've ever heard. if it were me i'd be torn between hating my parents for a bizarre name and loving them for it.

i'm on antibiotics again because, once again, my body refuses to notice any strangeness because it's too used to feeling strange until suddenly i just know that something is wrong and go to the doctor anyway. and shows no usual symptoms either. i'm sure that learning to ignore pain over the past few months hasn't helped either.

not that i'm complaining. i just find it amusing and astounding whenever the doctor tells me that whatever it is that ails me is extremely bad and why on earth did i not come to see them earlier.

at any rate. it explains my moods over the past few weeks. the pills are fun, though. they look like bumblebees. and when the pharmacist gave them to me her last comment was a warning that they might make my pee turn orange.

thus far, there is no orangish hue. i'm disappointed.

and now, in a surprise twist, i'm going to bed. 12 hours was enough of a day for me today.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

today was a dress-up-fun-and-sillylike-because-i'm-in-a-shitty-mood day. it kinda worked.

although spending an inordinate amount of time trying to record an interview at CJSF (and failing - something's wired improperly, i think) and being forgiven by the person on the other side of the telephone and then finding good people to chat with and go for greek dinner with probably worked better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i feel so popular today. my phone's ringing off the hook.

unfortunately it's all brides wanting tickets from me or crotchety old people wanting to tell me that they never want to hear from me again. it's the gift and the curse of having your phone number attached to a fax-out. technically i didn't bother a single one of them...but my number's on the paper. oh well.

in the midst of it all, however, there's been one phone call from someone wanting me for me! kinda. more than the rest of them, at least. hurrah!

but today i'm going to bask in my pseudo-popularity. either that or turn my phone off and ignore people for awhile.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

today the surgeon reminded me that the funny bumps that you can feel underneath the large incision are actually the staples that he put in to hold the new "ligament" in place. i'd forgotten about that. i'd assumed that it was scar tissue.

as he was talking about them he looked up at my face and interrupted himself, "oh. you'd forgotten about that, hadn't you. now you're going to think about that all the time, huh. sorry..."

lucky thing that i like him and only hate his receptionist. he's told me that if they're a real bother they can be taken out without a lot of trouble. but there's no way in hell that i'm willingly going to go through any sort of knee surgery in the near future.

i also found out that when people have ACL reconstruction, when the surgeon goes inside the knee they'll either see a bit of the ligament hanging around, or nothing at all because it's completely snapped back and disappeared. in my case, it was the latter. "no, your ligament was completely gone and useless, you needed surgery, there was no question about it."

i won't be anal enough to go back and link to entries years ago where i complained that i'd probably torn the ligament and was only able to stand because of the muscles holding my knee together. i could. but i won't. frickin' medical world....

but my knee works now and it doesn't wobble in the slightest and it's terribly exciting and my foot can be forced to touch my butt (which is very rare after ACL reconstructions, apparently, and i'm still in healing mode so that shouldn't be difficult in the least when it's all better) and i can bike now and i can hike as long as i don't over-do it and all that i can't shouldn't do is run. not for another month. or do the twist.

i'm almost a normal human being again! except for the biodegradable screw and metal staples in my knee. and the tiny dent in my forehead. and the inability to snap. and the magic powers.

the biggest highlight of this past weekend was traipsing through the British Properties ("the rich area," for people who don't live in vancouver) with neal, questioning and downright criticising the architectural design of each and every house, mocking the sensibilities of the rich, admitting that the air did smell fresher there and lamenting the fact that we couldn't afford to breath such nice air, and making many ironic and sarcastic comments. everyone who drove past us when we abandoned the safety of the (far inferior and cheaper than the local standard) vehicle for a brief while eyed us with suspicion and probably had their finger ready to dial their local rent-a-cop if we made any sudden moves.

because a skinny blonde girl with glasses who can't run and a tall skinny nerd with glasses pose a real threat.

after i left neal i sat at kits beach for a little while and noticed the ironies and facades of everyone there.

the second biggest highlight was good venting session that made a few things much clearer and got rid of any number of tensions building up.

third (and final) highlight was a spontaneous trip alone to the beach (belcarra, this time), mini-hike, playing with squirrels, taking pictures, talking to geese, finding strange shrubbery, heading to a good vancouver lookout point to take a couple more pictures as it got completely dark, and generally forcing meself to cheer up a little.

it was a very critical, observational, and solo weekend indeed.
fun fun fun.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

"my popularity is only surpassed by my loneliness"
    - the famous bovine internet celebrity

Friday, April 16, 2004

since i've been back in canada, today's the first day that i've had that didn't have any pressing deadlines looming ahead of me. or, at least, the fewest by far. when i came back in january the semester had already started and i had to go to class first thing the next day to beg my way into classes and start thinking about final papers and go to the knee surgeon, and that was even before i'd had a chance to clean my laundry after the plane ride!

so now i don't know what to do with meself, really. get a job, of course, but other than that.... ::shrugs::

but handed in the final final final paper yesterday (a day late - shhhh! ..but i wasn't the only one!), cleaned out the arts editor section (much easier to do than cleaning out my own stuff - so much went into the trash!), and when i finally got home i found out that, Surprise! That road test you thought was on the 26th? It's tomorrow morning! Think you can manage? Cuz either way you have to pay for it now....

so i woke up early and went for the road test and hurrah and huzzah passed and am now rid of the N plate forever, but the best bit about that was that i only got one demerit - for skipping a shoulder check that i'd thought of doing but deemed pointless as the road had already been determined to be deserted. makes up wonderfully for driving tests in the past. at least i didn't have to redo this one at all.

and i think i have most things settled for the first newspaper issue so i don't need to figure that out anymore at the moment.

and now i'm really stress-free. and i should have / wanted to go to the art show tonight but really felt more like watching a film and doing some magazine work at home instead, because when that's done then i have this weekend completely and totally to meself. i'm sure the show was fun... but watching french films with daniel and finishing up edits and silly debates online with nicky was more what i needed.

so. who wants to make plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

should i ever have a family of my own this is how we will spend sunday evenings.

Monday, April 12, 2004

today at church (first time there since i've been back... so first time there in about two years? aiyaa..) when it came time for communion i couldn't decide whether to go up for it or not. when it came to the crunch, i went, because that's just what i've done for years. it felt strange and wrong, though.

kahlil told me that if it would make me feel better she'd forget that i went up. it sorta helped.

kahlil and i had fun during service. we broke it out during the descant in the final hymn. we exclaimed how grown up people look now. we lamented the lack of Church! The Musical. we critiqued the other hymns and how terrible they really were. we made snarky comments during the (fire&brimstone) service. we spent a great deal of time choking back laughter.

i'd already spent the first quarter of the service chatting with elisa and telling sacreligious (but funny!) jokes. she says that she really actually does miss us coming to church regularly, despite the fact that if church were class, me, rebecca and daniel would likely be sent to the principal's office almost daily.

i kept my utter amusement at Black Gangsta Jesus during the gospel reading to meself, though. because if i'd mentioned it during the service kahlil and i wouldn't have been able to hold in laughter. rebecca and daniel found it amusing on the drive to the ferry terminal, though, during which rebecca made rude and/or seductive gestures to every guy checking out the hawtties in the minivan.

this was after easter dinner, during which rebecca did not explode, but we discussed the possibility of selling her (and sufferers of epidemics in asia) as a new party game, as well as the merits of Full Contact Fancy Dinners. and daniel gave me a potato wrapped in chocolate foil and tried to convince me it was peanut butter-filled, after tragedies of over-minting. the lamb and even the ham were decidedly tasty, though. my grandma prolly wasn't too impressed with us, though.

and then i drew a picture in MS Paint to illustrate everything that was bothering me at the moment for the sole purpose of posting it on the internet, where i could wallow in my angst with everyone else whose lives are full of hardships. it was a cathartic experience. isn't it impressive? i didn't even know i had that much talent.

and now i'll sleep to get rid of this headache and wake at 6 AM to write papers. wheee!!!

Q: What's red and black and white and can't fit through a doorway?

A: A nun with a spear through her head.


(ooh, i cheated and changed the time so that this one comes after the big post! but it's so much more effective this way, no?)
You are 27% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at
i'm such an academic snob. someone has submitted an article about a kundera novel for the magazine. i'm not finished editing it, but i keep catching meself writing in comments like "actually, kundera has said this in other places, so your comment here is technically wrong" or "but in another part of the novel kundera wrote this..?"

it's nice to have the work i did on kundera last year come in handy. and i'm revelling in it while marking up this article. because it's only going to happen once, i know it!

i found out yesterday that the papers i thought were due on wednesday are actually due a day earlier. so in a roundabout way, wasting time hiking through ravines and visiting friends turned out to be vitally important. i prolly wouldn't have gotten my papers in on time. so hurrah!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

"Our purpose is to draw attention to the quality of our products without arousing any unjustified expectations."

rebecca directed me to read the ritter sport website as it was "obviously written by germans and a jolly good read!"

she was right.

"We welcome strategic alliances if they are of mutual benefit."

literal translation from german to english? yes, i think so....
my hair is currently being held up in a bun by chopsticks and only chopsticks. it actually works!

also, everyone who didn't listen to my radio show (which means everyone reading this) missed out. rebecca was stunningly ineffective in her goal to be the least useful co-host ever. we played hungarian gypsy music. we spoke german and czech and got confused on air. everything was vinyl. to bad for you!

with all luck tomorrow will be spent at buntzen lake. but we'll have to see what happens. hope hope hope, though...

Thursday, April 08, 2004

when i was a kid my mom always put my hair in pigtails held up by elastics like this:

i want to get those again. must go shopping. i've got my hair in pigtails today, i have my stripe-ed socks on today, i'm listening to circus music (well, la dolce vita music, same thing), i've been skipping around the convocation mall because i'm bored to death of working (or rather, NOT working) on this paper.... i'm regressing to six years old today. or at least i have the attention span of one.

it's fun. it's just a shame that everyone sitting around me in the computer lab is giving me apprehensive looks while i bounce around in my chair to the beat of the music. what do they know, though, they don't know what they're missing!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

the girl sitting diagonally across from me in the computer lab's got the niftiest shirt i've seen today. i keep finding myself staring at it. not at her, not at her breasts, but at the shirt itself. hopefully she doesn't catch me, because no one likes the staring-blankly-into-space stare directed at them. because that's the creepy one. it's her fault for wearing a subconsiously fascinating shirt when i'm busy thinking about what to write.

must remember what it looks like, to make one for myself.

random off-note: going through old notes tucked into my cd case i found notes on the design of a hat i saw someone wearing two years that really caught my eye that made me want to make one of my own. never made the hat, but reading it, i just realised that the person who had been wearing it then is someone that i've met and somewhat befriended this semester. curiously amusing.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Monday, April 05, 2004

it's these sorts of things that are inspirational in that..."i could do that!" and i think that maybe i'll try to do something similar one day.

and then it slips my mind and i don't do anything about it.

but we'll see what happens.

all this artistic genius everywhere, and yet none of it inspires me to start writing either of the two long papers i have due tomorrow. how silly.
hurrah and huzzah, someone copied the forum posts to a website that i can link to to share the coolest thing i've seen today!

check it out. looking at that was best waste of my time today so far.
rebecca wrote this:

Now, I don't by any stretch think I can get an accurate measure of someone just by reading their webpage. People writing on the Internet are aware of their potential audience and will choose to censor (or not) accordingly. I'm a prime example of this. The amount of information I leave out when posting usually outweighs whatever actually ends up on my page. Sarah, too demonstrates this. My perception of Sarah online is vastly different from my perception of her in real life, though sometimes just as whiny. In real life, I think she comes across as much more aggressive, rather than indecisive. I'm not saying, really, that she's either, but that's what makes even personal pages so interesting to read. The way the person chooses to present themself can be interesting. (Of course, I'm the person who will spy through my curtains to see if that neighbour is wandering around his house naked again, or if this neighbours kids are skipping school for the second time this week, so it could just be an extension of my voyeurism).

all of this amuses me for a few reasons.
A - the thought of me as aggressive
B - rebecca sneaking peaks at nekkid neighbours
but most importantly: "Sarah, too demonstrates this."
C - the fact that rebecca is missing a comma!

rebecca has a profound hatred for the comma. i like commas. a lot. i think they're dandy. i use them far too often, and whenever i send something to rebecca for edits she takes them all out. but in the midst of her mandate to purge the world of excess commas, she messes up and takes out too many! ha ha!

...okay so this only amuses me. what's your point?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

the music video i had in my head for Britney's toxic was much better than the real thing. too bad.
normally i'd never ever in a million years post a link like this. but this amuses me too much to pass up.

once upon a time i thought it was kinda nifty that a local band was becoming so popular worldwide. and then i realised that it was nickelback. damn.
You are a spatial thinker
Spatial Thinkers tend to think in pictures, and can develop good mental models of the physical world; think well in three dimensions; have a flair for working with objects.

Other Spatial Thinkers include Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Careers which suit Spatial Thinkers include
Mechanic, Photographer, Artist, Architect, Engineer, Builder, Set designer

haven't done a quiz in awhile, it's allowed. off to write papers now!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

most enthusiastic attempt to cheer someone up EVER:

"Anyhoo, you are person of greatness, hurrah hurrah, and a big yaaaay."

Friday, April 02, 2004

the physio lady thinks that i'm a wimp, i can see it in her eyes.

every time i see her, she tries to make my leg bend and stretch a little bit more, pushing on it and forcing it to the limit. and it does make a difference and to a certain extent, it feels so good to push it a little bit more.

but at the same time, it can only go so far before it hurts like the dickens.

what physio lady doesn't seem to realise is that i have a pretty high pain tolerance most of the time and if i don't it's because i'm exhausted and falling apart and just can't handle it anyways. i've already gotten quite used to the fact that my knee hurts all the time. i'm kinda used to not feeling completely well anyways.

so if i'm actually saying that it hurts or crying out in pain when she's forcing it.... it's not that i'm a wimp that doesn't want to take it. it's that it really fuckin hurts!!

ah well, what can ya do.

1 paper down, 5 (and a half) to go. but tonight i sleep. and i'm thrilled.

who will one day become a world famous comic artist/writer and i can point to his work and nod knowingly and poke the people beside me in the ribs with my elbow and waggle my eyebrows suspiciously saying, "see? told you he'd be famous one day!"

or not.

but maybe! you never know, do you!

hope you had a good day, kenten!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

starlight mints/dressy bessy/deathray davies/architecture in helsinki show:
good music, good performances. miserable borders though - stopped DD from getting to vancouver, delayed AiH by a few hours, made most everyone performing a little tired and grumpy, which meant no encores or anything like that. also, due to the delay, the already somewhat disappointing crowd thinned out before starlight mints even finished. monday night show, people need to sleep and catch the last bus, i suppose. still, it's a shame, because they were good. despite the power cutting out on them halfway through the first song.

poor bands. they didn't have a good day.

3:30am and i still haven't started the paper due later today. i wanted to finish it in time to go to the (last) drawing cartel getogether (seeing as i've only made it to one this semester), but don't think that'll happen. oh well.

paper due tomorrow, another friday (hopefully), one monday, one wednesday, one thursday, one a week wednesday, FINISHED! oh, and of course i haven't started any of them.

until then i'll be a wreck. my own fault, oh well.

so in a last-ditch effort at procrastination before getting something written before stealing a couple hours sleep, a survey c/o jessica:

1 - needles
2 - drugs/medicine
3 - paper deadlines
1 - the eternal popularity of bad music
2 - why the least-qualified people always seem to end up in charge
3 - the stock market
1 - how not to procrastinate
2 - what my passions are
3 - full contact improv dance
1 - towel wrapped around my head
2 - army print pj's
3 - handmedown sweaterjacket from julie's grandma
1 - half a twix
2 - too many photos
3 - grave-marker for an R. Scholz (german soldier) stolen from berlin
1 - go to cuba
2 - see the Budvar Bar music video
3 - figure shit out
1 - confused
2 - generally ambivalent
3 - curious
1 - ambivalence
2 - lacking in passion
3 - bursts of laziness
1 - german
2 - not mongolian
3 - oh yeah. irish.
1 - left hip bone
2 - the scars on my knee
3 - ...lips?
1 - the fact that one knee still doesn't bend properly
2 - the fact that one vertebrae pops whenever i lift one leg, due to the fact that i started using my body differently after i hurt that knee. but apparently i can fix that, so says Physio Lady. hurrah!
3 - the fact that it doesn't like to sleep in, no matter how tired i am or what time i go to bed.
1 - anyways
2 - how are you?
3 - sho shexshy
1 - cuba
2 - morocco
3 - thataway
1 - chat-rat
2 - sarah
3 - [not one for nick-names, really]