Wednesday, March 03, 2004

want to know one of the most revolting feelings in the world?

peeling off a bandage or tape or whatever it might be, knowing that it's pulling on hairs, knowing that fresh air's hitting the skin there which should be the most relieving feeling in the world, knowing that the skin should be almost itchy because it's been covered for awhile.....

....but feeling nothing there. a slight tug. but that's it.

only disgusting because you know what you should be feeling instead.

that's the one side-effect of surgery that nobody warned me about. the fact that i have practically no sensation on the front of my leg from my kneecap downwards. it comes back further down my shin, but right around the largest incision, there's nothing.

apparently most of the feeling will come back. but i'll prolly never get feeling back directly around the large cut. i guess you get used to it over time.

tomorrow the stiches come out. and i, for one, canNOT wait.

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