Sunday, March 07, 2004

stereolab perplexes me.

somehow, although i've enjoyed some of their music for years, i realised the other day that i've developed a knee-jerk reaction to challenge their music a little bit more (read: find reasons to pick it apart, even if i like it). and unfortunately i think it's because that band's become attached to the memory of one person who claimed that stereolab was the only good french music, someone that i'm not really close with anymore.

now granted, i never adored stereolab, but i thought i could disassociate music from random memories and enjoy music despite things like that. a few years ago i nearly began to dislike the pixies because of random memories attached to them but that didn't hold out. course, maybe that's just a credit to the pixies, that despite the fact that their music was attached to a situation/person in my mind, i still liked them anyways when things went afoul with that person.

poor stereolab. i'll still always like that swaying song. and really, the latest album's not bad...

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