Friday, March 05, 2004

the only thing that stopped me from skipping classes today and take a mini-road trip was the fact that there was no one in the lower mainland who'd come with me. probably for the best, really.

my dad's off on a business trip again, which means i have a vehicle while he's away. and today was brilliantly sunny. drove him to richmond at 630am, in time to see the sun coming up, in time to see the clouds clearing, in time to see the mountains covered in snow, in time to hear the weather forecast that storms are coming tomorrow and the whole weekend's set to be miserable, in time to realise that i really didn't feel like going to class today and that all i wanted to do was be out in the sunshine, driving along the highway to whistler, take pictures, self-indulgent things like that.

unfortunately everyone i tried to reach was busy. except for stefan. except that he lives in prague. though he said that if i gave him 10 minutes he'd be ready with sandwiches, mentos and kofola. all the ingredients for a lovely road trip. too bad there's an entire continent and an ocean in the way....

so instead, got to school, spent time chatting with stefan sitting by the giant windows looking out at the north shore (and the snow!) instead of doing readings, and started to felt better about being at school. or rather, about being at school instead of outside, and being at school but not being worried about school when perhaps i should be.

turns out that going was a good thing. we watched a german film in class and i realised that i actually understand a decent bit of german still (more than i ever realised i knew, to be honest). class discussions were interesting. presentation meeting went decently well. spoke to the prof about my paper which i wasn't handing in and got another extension (the magic of crutches and a limp!), regardless of if i wanted to take advantage of it, but really, it's nice to know i won't lose marks. got my first essay back and found out that i'd done a lot better than i thought and suddenly didn't feel so worried about my next paper again.

after class, headed off to the downtown visual arts studio, which i'd never been to. but the newspaper's asked me to cover their grad show over the next few weeks. found out that a ton of interesting people work there. found out that the studio's really nice inside. spoke to someone i'd always seen in a past course but had never spoken to and found inspiration to be a good student again. was encouraged by everyone there to try my hand at being an artist meself.

(coincidentally, during class today, before i remembered that i had to go to the studio, i had an overwhelming urge that came from nowhere to try to find some canvas and paint and make some sort of creation. even got an idea for what it should look like. despite the fact i've never even touched canvas & acrylic paint before. sorely tempted to find some now, though...)

i'm to head down there tuesday and thursday to talk to them more, though. looking forward to it.

and i paid half my student fees for the semester. coincidentally, the amount that remains, $1125, is how much i paid for an entire semester a year and a half ago. but at the moment that's half the amount. fer chrissakes... this is why i can't stay in school any longer. but i digress. bantering with the person working at the desk magically made me forget how much money i'd just taken out of my bank account.

and then headed to mr mulder's to steal borrow his minidisc player. and ended up discussing shipping routes and the bering straight and languages and automobiles over tea and banana bread with his parents. quite nice, actually.

so considering that today was a day that i really didn't want to bother with, at least not with what i was supposed to do, it all went rather well. mostly.

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