Friday, March 05, 2004

on monday cjsf hosted a workshop on radio journalism, with people from the CBC presenting.*

best moment: listening to people critiquing a radio segment, how it didn't seem to have as much focus as it could have, how it just sort of dragged on... see, i thought all these things to whie i was listening to it. but i couldn't trust my own opinion because the segment was made by a current prof of mine who, coincidentally, is the one that i have Issues with. because she's a little to self-involved, because she doesn't seem to like it when discussions move away from what she wanted to discuss, because she won't actually teach us certain things (say, women&music) simply because she doesn't know it, rather than allowing students to present things on the topic or encourage discussions on it and trying to learn from it herself, because when she marks i swear she's just trying to find things wrong with it and picking at papers and presentations needlessly, because she criticises students for voicing opinions... and this is in a women's studies course. go figure.

so needless to say, it was quite rewarding for me to hear her being critiqued. granted, it was a bit of a sad story, it's a shame that her brother passed away, it's a shame that she never knew him... but that's what blogs are for, aren't they? to moan and vent about the things that bother you that you don't really need to share with other people...because in the end, it's you with the problem, not them. right?** {g}

alright i'm being mean. anyways. i was good though, didn't say anything meself, managed to hide my vindictive smiles... glad i got to hear the bit about news reporting as well. very useful to me. particularly because i missed the workshop on news reporting presented by the newspaper today. was too busy wishing i was an artist.

oh, sitting through that class tomorrow's going to be slightly more bearable than it's been in the past. {eg}

* i finally know what susan macnamee looks like! strange to see her face when i already know her voice so well. anyways...
** being nastier than i have to be, i know, and no, blogs aren't just for people to whine and complain in, though if anyone's to be attacked for that it's me anyways!

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