Sunday, March 28, 2004

of all random things to suddenly spring up everywhere today, this has to be the strangest one. i have absolutely no idea why. but ever since i saw Dr. Death last month, his name has come up again and again. and a number of times today.

i'd never heard of nazis building ufos before, though.

because i'm excited about it:
starlight mints, dressy bessy, deathray davies & architecture in helsinki monday night at richard's on richards! $13.50! ooh ahh! come along, it'll be good good fun.

and then sondre lerche in may! if i don't end up working on that night (assuming i get work by then)... that would be truly tragic for so many reasons.

anyone feel like treating me to buck 65 on wednesday? or iron and wine? or black mountain? or radio berlin? or rufus wainwright (though i don't know what his latest album's like.. but he's fun to see live)? or any of the other 14 bands on my list of "things i want to see in the next month"? this is what i get for trying to compile a few upcoming concerts for the paper yesterday. and i didn't even remember half of them when it came time to publish. no free advertising for them....

all the more reason why i should go. support! must support!

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