Thursday, March 18, 2004

drunken messages of love are wonderful things.

as is someone coming up and asking you in complete sincerity to tell them a lie.

as is being told that the latest article is "an improvement on your last one" in a good way.

as is suddenly learning details about an Issue you knew about vaguely but never got around to looking into before.

i've been warned that i might get letters about my article for next week's paper, though there's nothing much i can do about it, that i covered the issue as fairly as possible, it's just the nature of the event that people will interpret it as being biased (which it's not. because i don't have a stated opinion on the matter. except that if people were going to protest they could have done it differently. but that's not saying who's right or wrong in the matter.).

i suppose it's inevitable when it's a part of the israeli/palestinian debate.

poor blog, i've been neglecting you so, and when i come by i hardly have anything interesting to say. and now i leave again to write another paper and another article and maybe one other article and to drive a disk up to CJSF which sadly isn't my show replacement because i'll be missing my radio show this week (the only sad thing about the upcoming weekend).... hopefully i get some sleep in the middle of it all.

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