Wednesday, March 10, 2004

been watching a great number of german or german/polish films this past week. couldn't tell you why, exactly. but i blame my numbed emotions of late on that.

that said, today i was wonderfully happy because i got a package from praha today! norsk comics (fiske!!), èesky posters, cereal boxes, yoghurt lids, and most importantly, MENTOS!!! mentos were the staple sweet snack to have lying about in our flat in prague. mentos, kofola, and cashews.

sadly, the good flavours are already half gone and i haven't even had the package for a full 12 hours yet. but i had to share the love around a little as well, so it's not (entirely) me being a pig.

somebody please make saturday as nice as it was today, for by then i won't have to feel tied to electronics in order to get my work done and can go to buntzen lake to do a ton of readings and writings.

maybe if i list it all here, i'll actually get something done. so here we go:
- dub parts of german/polish film for presentation thursday
- sound editing
- finish presentation
- write article on canada: country or colony
- write review of goodbye lenin
- write spotlight article
- write k article (maybe)
- write essay/film analysis due last week
- interview aunt and transcribe it, also due last week
- read corinne, or italy for paper due...asap
- fix layouts that people want posted, though if they want them posted asap perhaps they should be sent error-free....
- scan photos for catalogue submission
- scan photos for my own purposes
- study norsk (though that's fun, so perhaps it shouldn't be on this list)
- make many phonecalls
- retype excel spreadsheet that magically corrupted itself overnight and made itself unusable

...and then i get to relax. and....GO!!

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