Monday, March 22, 2004

after this weekend i'm all inspired to become a journalist.

yay! direction!

it'll last about a day. i guarantee that by this time tomorrow i'll be distracted with other things and be once again lost and confused without any direction in the world.

this weekend was the western canadian uni press conference, you see. so all day yesterday i got to listen to people talk about everything to do with journalism of all sorts. and the only thing that annoyed me were the people who, after one speaker had suggested pitching things to cbc radio shows like, say, dnto, asked what "DTON" was, where to find it, and what exactly it is, taking precise notes all ready to call the cbc first thing monday morning.

because really, you should know something and appreciate it for what it is before you start trying to take advantage of it, don't you think?

course, it wouldn't take much for someone to attack me for that at times, i suppose.

maybe it's also because i've known about it before and never done anything to try meself.

laziness is a terrible thing.

at any rate. first ferry ride in a few years. homecooked meal by rebecca. insults exchanged with irf. bonding with fellow peak folk. genuinely fun times.

and now, for the first time since wednesday, i get to sleep in my OWN bed with my OWN blanket and hopefully my knee will forgive me for the past few nights because it has its OWN pillow to comfort it now.

so what if it's only 10:30pm. i'm going to bed now. i've missed it.

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