Friday, March 12, 2004

1. ah, the cozy warmth of eastern berlin communism... everyone (and their dog) should see Goodbye Lenin!, for i loved it. already knew the story going in, but it was remarkably well-done. and the editing was brilliant. and although he recycled some songs, knew it was yann tiersen doing the soundtrack from the get-go. and, as always, it was lovely.

while alex was busy trying to find communist-era food containers, all i could think about was spending time with czech and slovak(descent) people i knew in prague, hearing them exclaim about kofola being sold again, reminiscing about "the good old days" when they were kids enjoying that, or the old commie brands of food that just doesn't taste the same (like grinko)... it amused me.

i want to be in eastern europe again...

2. the fellow student who has, in the past, marked presentations down because she felt that their enthusiastic answers were "rude and interrupting" (no) and because she felt that the overhead font was too small to read (again, no, get glasses) gave us a C+ in our presentation today. considering that we were told to change what we were doing at the very last minute (literally) and were, for the most part, playing it by ear, i'm not really insulted. in fact, seeing that made me quite happy. although i'm sure she wrote something nasty about me in her notes, seeing as i actually did interrupt her (when she interrupted me).

it's always good to have someone to mock silently.

3. knee bends from 0 - 127 degrees now. this means i get to ride exercise bikes. so so nice working up a minor sweat. i still can't wear short skirts though, one leg looks like mine, the other looks like it belongs to the elephant man (not really but relatively speaking). not that i'm ashamed of it or anything, but it just looks silly.

so sleepy...

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