Tuesday, March 30, 2004

hope it's full of fun and stupidity and insanity and other good things!

i hope you're still alive - haven't heard from you in awhile! but i'll be there doing my radio show this week if you manage to tune in.
julie found budvar in coquitlam! except that it's been renamed czechvar, i suppose for copyright issues. 'tis exciting though, in a roundabout sort of way.

today i missed the fun half of a lecture about african music, which involved us singing along and carrying the beat. i stayed as long as i thought i could, but had to leave for a meeting downtown which, turns out, was actually next week. i'm not sure if she told me the wrong info or if i just forgot it. either way, it's a titch annoying, only because i'd rather be up at the burnaby campus in the sunshine at the moment, but seeing as i need to be downtown in a few hours anyway, it seems silly to take the long busride up there.

it has to be 20 degrees today, if not warmer. absolutely lovely.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

of all random things to suddenly spring up everywhere today, this has to be the strangest one. i have absolutely no idea why. but ever since i saw Dr. Death last month, his name has come up again and again. and a number of times today.

i'd never heard of nazis building ufos before, though.

because i'm excited about it:
starlight mints, dressy bessy, deathray davies & architecture in helsinki monday night at richard's on richards! $13.50! ooh ahh! come along, it'll be good good fun.

and then sondre lerche in may! if i don't end up working on that night (assuming i get work by then)... that would be truly tragic for so many reasons.

anyone feel like treating me to buck 65 on wednesday? or iron and wine? or black mountain? or radio berlin? or rufus wainwright (though i don't know what his latest album's like.. but he's fun to see live)? or any of the other 14 bands on my list of "things i want to see in the next month"? this is what i get for trying to compile a few upcoming concerts for the paper yesterday. and i didn't even remember half of them when it came time to publish. no free advertising for them....

all the more reason why i should go. support! must support!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo time.

and yet i've been accomplishing next to nothing.

go figure.
summertime arts editor = me


so i guess i'm here for the summer.

this is the part where i wonder if i'm making the right decision or not. fun fun fun.

today i met girl who had as many names as she was old.
T___ ____ Ann Francis _____ _____ Sutherland _____.
she might have another couple names that her mom doesn't know about yet, she told me.

friendly girl though. she gave me a donut, surprisingly tasty, considering that i'm not usually a donut person. told me about how cool her uncle and ed were.

makes you wonder though. she had to count her name on her fingers as she was telling me, got lost once, had to restart... is that fair to a kid?

Monday, March 22, 2004

after this weekend i'm all inspired to become a journalist.

yay! direction!

it'll last about a day. i guarantee that by this time tomorrow i'll be distracted with other things and be once again lost and confused without any direction in the world.

this weekend was the western canadian uni press conference, you see. so all day yesterday i got to listen to people talk about everything to do with journalism of all sorts. and the only thing that annoyed me were the people who, after one speaker had suggested pitching things to cbc radio shows like, say, dnto, asked what "DTON" was, where to find it, and what exactly it is, taking precise notes all ready to call the cbc first thing monday morning.

because really, you should know something and appreciate it for what it is before you start trying to take advantage of it, don't you think?

course, it wouldn't take much for someone to attack me for that at times, i suppose.

maybe it's also because i've known about it before and never done anything to try meself.

laziness is a terrible thing.

at any rate. first ferry ride in a few years. homecooked meal by rebecca. insults exchanged with irf. bonding with fellow peak folk. genuinely fun times.

and now, for the first time since wednesday, i get to sleep in my OWN bed with my OWN blanket and hopefully my knee will forgive me for the past few nights because it has its OWN pillow to comfort it now.

so what if it's only 10:30pm. i'm going to bed now. i've missed it.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

drunken messages of love are wonderful things.

as is someone coming up and asking you in complete sincerity to tell them a lie.

as is being told that the latest article is "an improvement on your last one" in a good way.

as is suddenly learning details about an Issue you knew about vaguely but never got around to looking into before.

i've been warned that i might get letters about my article for next week's paper, though there's nothing much i can do about it, that i covered the issue as fairly as possible, it's just the nature of the event that people will interpret it as being biased (which it's not. because i don't have a stated opinion on the matter. except that if people were going to protest they could have done it differently. but that's not saying who's right or wrong in the matter.).

i suppose it's inevitable when it's a part of the israeli/palestinian debate.

poor blog, i've been neglecting you so, and when i come by i hardly have anything interesting to say. and now i leave again to write another paper and another article and maybe one other article and to drive a disk up to CJSF which sadly isn't my show replacement because i'll be missing my radio show this week (the only sad thing about the upcoming weekend).... hopefully i get some sleep in the middle of it all.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

whose cruel joke was it to let the sunshine last until today and then give me food poisoning or something to keep me basically bedridden all day long?

though i suppose i should be thankful, for once it's not my knee causing me pain.


here's hoping that tomorrow can be productive, at least. if i feel the same way tomorrow morning, though, i'm off to the doctor's. again.

thank god for medicare, i suppose.

today daniel made a seal talk. she made lame, crass jokes. oh what fun!

Friday, March 12, 2004

1. ah, the cozy warmth of eastern berlin communism... everyone (and their dog) should see Goodbye Lenin!, for i loved it. already knew the story going in, but it was remarkably well-done. and the editing was brilliant. and although he recycled some songs, knew it was yann tiersen doing the soundtrack from the get-go. and, as always, it was lovely.

while alex was busy trying to find communist-era food containers, all i could think about was spending time with czech and slovak(descent) people i knew in prague, hearing them exclaim about kofola being sold again, reminiscing about "the good old days" when they were kids enjoying that, or the old commie brands of food that just doesn't taste the same (like grinko)... it amused me.

i want to be in eastern europe again...

2. the fellow student who has, in the past, marked presentations down because she felt that their enthusiastic answers were "rude and interrupting" (no) and because she felt that the overhead font was too small to read (again, no, get glasses) gave us a C+ in our presentation today. considering that we were told to change what we were doing at the very last minute (literally) and were, for the most part, playing it by ear, i'm not really insulted. in fact, seeing that made me quite happy. although i'm sure she wrote something nasty about me in her notes, seeing as i actually did interrupt her (when she interrupted me).

it's always good to have someone to mock silently.

3. knee bends from 0 - 127 degrees now. this means i get to ride exercise bikes. so so nice working up a minor sweat. i still can't wear short skirts though, one leg looks like mine, the other looks like it belongs to the elephant man (not really but relatively speaking). not that i'm ashamed of it or anything, but it just looks silly.

so sleepy...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

been watching a great number of german or german/polish films this past week. couldn't tell you why, exactly. but i blame my numbed emotions of late on that.

that said, today i was wonderfully happy because i got a package from praha today! norsk comics (fiske!!), èesky posters, cereal boxes, yoghurt lids, and most importantly, MENTOS!!! mentos were the staple sweet snack to have lying about in our flat in prague. mentos, kofola, and cashews.

sadly, the good flavours are already half gone and i haven't even had the package for a full 12 hours yet. but i had to share the love around a little as well, so it's not (entirely) me being a pig.

somebody please make saturday as nice as it was today, for by then i won't have to feel tied to electronics in order to get my work done and can go to buntzen lake to do a ton of readings and writings.

maybe if i list it all here, i'll actually get something done. so here we go:
- dub parts of german/polish film for presentation thursday
- sound editing
- finish presentation
- write article on canada: country or colony
- write review of goodbye lenin
- write spotlight article
- write k article (maybe)
- write essay/film analysis due last week
- interview aunt and transcribe it, also due last week
- read corinne, or italy for paper due...asap
- fix layouts that people want posted, though if they want them posted asap perhaps they should be sent error-free....
- scan photos for catalogue submission
- scan photos for my own purposes
- study norsk (though that's fun, so perhaps it shouldn't be on this list)
- make many phonecalls
- retype excel spreadsheet that magically corrupted itself overnight and made itself unusable

...and then i get to relax. and....GO!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

"he gave me inspiration... i gave him... death......"

ah, franz kafka's it's a wonderful life. haven't seen it in a long while. it's better than i remembered.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

i went to renew a library book for my class on the arts during the french enlightenment today. i managed to make it there 10 minutes before the library closed. had to ask special permission because i'd already reached my renewing limit. but when i went to talk to the head librarian, george, i placed the book on his desk and before he even looked at me and asked how he could help he picked it up and started flipping through it.

"oh, this is a wonderful book, have you read it yet?"

i should mention that he was an older gentleman, at least in his 50s. hunched back, grey hair (although still a full head's-worth) and a big bushy moustache, and a subdued way of talking. if he was anyone else he would have been gushing. as it was, he had a slight, dry hint of emphasis on words to tell you that he was excited, but it still came out sounding like a monotone. if he had even a hint of crankiness in him he could have been george from dennis the menace. but there was nothing even close. he was just sweet.

i had to explain that i've been a bad student and actually haven't read much of the book at all, though what i had read was interesting so far.

george got really excited then, told me that darnton's a brilliant writer, and that he (george) had even been lucky enough to meet the fellow when he'd been in vancouver a few years. "and i even got him to sign his best work for me. he's such a nice fellow!" (remember, it's a monotonish sort of gush..)

after he'd gone on about the "best" book that darnton had written, i mentioned that it sounded interesting, that maybe i should try to find it for my class.

"oh who's teaching it? what are you writing about?" he didn't know my prof, but he knew the person i'll be writing about. and immediately printed off a huge list of books and journals that i could dig into for research. and then told me a bit more about darnton before telling me about how other people have written about the enlightenment era and how they're all different, before even going into some of the enlightenment thinkers and their philosophies.

when the library started turning off the lights i had to tell him that i really just wanted to renew that one book at the moment. he made sure that i'd have it renewed for as long as i needed it for, told me once again how brilliant that book was.

"when is your paper due?" i told him sometime this month, but not immediately. "oh good, then you'll still have time." he sounded quite relieved.

he made my day, suddenly helping me out when i hadn't even expected or asked for it. but i think i made his day, studying a subject that i doubt he gets to discuss very often. so now i'm all the more determined to do a good job on this paper. firstly for me, secondly for my prof to make up for the fact that i'm getting a special deal (again - crutch power!!), but now for george the librarian too.

i know it's not really that interesting. but it was sweet. it had to be shared.
stereolab perplexes me.

somehow, although i've enjoyed some of their music for years, i realised the other day that i've developed a knee-jerk reaction to challenge their music a little bit more (read: find reasons to pick it apart, even if i like it). and unfortunately i think it's because that band's become attached to the memory of one person who claimed that stereolab was the only good french music, someone that i'm not really close with anymore.

now granted, i never adored stereolab, but i thought i could disassociate music from random memories and enjoy music despite things like that. a few years ago i nearly began to dislike the pixies because of random memories attached to them but that didn't hold out. course, maybe that's just a credit to the pixies, that despite the fact that their music was attached to a situation/person in my mind, i still liked them anyways when things went afoul with that person.

poor stereolab. i'll still always like that swaying song. and really, the latest album's not bad...
my brother's drawing sexy likenesses of cartoon characters for a contest.

"y'see, i'm hiding my lack of artistic ability with porn!"

hey, if it works for him....though the one he's working on right now's surprisingly good. didn't know he had it in him.
you have no idea how lovely a root beer slurpee is until you have your first one after two years without them.

and i still maintain that slurpees are different between the states and canada. something about the texture, something about the ice. down there it's like styrofoam. here, it's just little pieces of ice that you can suck the juice out of and then chew on what's left. entirely different, i tell you!

(and the canadian version's better.)

Friday, March 05, 2004


not that you read this. but in case you do. hope it was a good one!
the only thing that stopped me from skipping classes today and take a mini-road trip was the fact that there was no one in the lower mainland who'd come with me. probably for the best, really.

my dad's off on a business trip again, which means i have a vehicle while he's away. and today was brilliantly sunny. drove him to richmond at 630am, in time to see the sun coming up, in time to see the clouds clearing, in time to see the mountains covered in snow, in time to hear the weather forecast that storms are coming tomorrow and the whole weekend's set to be miserable, in time to realise that i really didn't feel like going to class today and that all i wanted to do was be out in the sunshine, driving along the highway to whistler, take pictures, self-indulgent things like that.

unfortunately everyone i tried to reach was busy. except for stefan. except that he lives in prague. though he said that if i gave him 10 minutes he'd be ready with sandwiches, mentos and kofola. all the ingredients for a lovely road trip. too bad there's an entire continent and an ocean in the way....

so instead, got to school, spent time chatting with stefan sitting by the giant windows looking out at the north shore (and the snow!) instead of doing readings, and started to felt better about being at school. or rather, about being at school instead of outside, and being at school but not being worried about school when perhaps i should be.

turns out that going was a good thing. we watched a german film in class and i realised that i actually understand a decent bit of german still (more than i ever realised i knew, to be honest). class discussions were interesting. presentation meeting went decently well. spoke to the prof about my paper which i wasn't handing in and got another extension (the magic of crutches and a limp!), regardless of if i wanted to take advantage of it, but really, it's nice to know i won't lose marks. got my first essay back and found out that i'd done a lot better than i thought and suddenly didn't feel so worried about my next paper again.

after class, headed off to the downtown visual arts studio, which i'd never been to. but the newspaper's asked me to cover their grad show over the next few weeks. found out that a ton of interesting people work there. found out that the studio's really nice inside. spoke to someone i'd always seen in a past course but had never spoken to and found inspiration to be a good student again. was encouraged by everyone there to try my hand at being an artist meself.

(coincidentally, during class today, before i remembered that i had to go to the studio, i had an overwhelming urge that came from nowhere to try to find some canvas and paint and make some sort of creation. even got an idea for what it should look like. despite the fact i've never even touched canvas & acrylic paint before. sorely tempted to find some now, though...)

i'm to head down there tuesday and thursday to talk to them more, though. looking forward to it.

and i paid half my student fees for the semester. coincidentally, the amount that remains, $1125, is how much i paid for an entire semester a year and a half ago. but at the moment that's half the amount. fer chrissakes... this is why i can't stay in school any longer. but i digress. bantering with the person working at the desk magically made me forget how much money i'd just taken out of my bank account.

and then headed to mr mulder's to steal borrow his minidisc player. and ended up discussing shipping routes and the bering straight and languages and automobiles over tea and banana bread with his parents. quite nice, actually.

so considering that today was a day that i really didn't want to bother with, at least not with what i was supposed to do, it all went rather well. mostly.
on monday cjsf hosted a workshop on radio journalism, with people from the CBC presenting.*

best moment: listening to people critiquing a radio segment, how it didn't seem to have as much focus as it could have, how it just sort of dragged on... see, i thought all these things to whie i was listening to it. but i couldn't trust my own opinion because the segment was made by a current prof of mine who, coincidentally, is the one that i have Issues with. because she's a little to self-involved, because she doesn't seem to like it when discussions move away from what she wanted to discuss, because she won't actually teach us certain things (say, women&music) simply because she doesn't know it, rather than allowing students to present things on the topic or encourage discussions on it and trying to learn from it herself, because when she marks i swear she's just trying to find things wrong with it and picking at papers and presentations needlessly, because she criticises students for voicing opinions... and this is in a women's studies course. go figure.

so needless to say, it was quite rewarding for me to hear her being critiqued. granted, it was a bit of a sad story, it's a shame that her brother passed away, it's a shame that she never knew him... but that's what blogs are for, aren't they? to moan and vent about the things that bother you that you don't really need to share with other people...because in the end, it's you with the problem, not them. right?** {g}

alright i'm being mean. anyways. i was good though, didn't say anything meself, managed to hide my vindictive smiles... glad i got to hear the bit about news reporting as well. very useful to me. particularly because i missed the workshop on news reporting presented by the newspaper today. was too busy wishing i was an artist.

oh, sitting through that class tomorrow's going to be slightly more bearable than it's been in the past. {eg}

* i finally know what susan macnamee looks like! strange to see her face when i already know her voice so well. anyways...
** being nastier than i have to be, i know, and no, blogs aren't just for people to whine and complain in, though if anyone's to be attacked for that it's me anyways!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

want to know one of the most revolting feelings in the world?

peeling off a bandage or tape or whatever it might be, knowing that it's pulling on hairs, knowing that fresh air's hitting the skin there which should be the most relieving feeling in the world, knowing that the skin should be almost itchy because it's been covered for awhile.....

....but feeling nothing there. a slight tug. but that's it.

only disgusting because you know what you should be feeling instead.

that's the one side-effect of surgery that nobody warned me about. the fact that i have practically no sensation on the front of my leg from my kneecap downwards. it comes back further down my shin, but right around the largest incision, there's nothing.

apparently most of the feeling will come back. but i'll prolly never get feeling back directly around the large cut. i guess you get used to it over time.

tomorrow the stiches come out. and i, for one, canNOT wait.
schoolwork accomplished: nil
instead, pointless blog redesign!
and now party!

unfortunately, due to the blogspot ad right up there, the sizing's messed up. so for it to look like i want it to, the window's gotta be fullscreen and scrolled down to hide the ad. debating trying to find somewhere to host this just to be ad-free....

but anyways. new layout. i like this one much more. and it's got fiske images! {g}