Saturday, February 28, 2004

today (yesterday now) was my mother's birthday. so happy birthday to her. even though she doesn't read this page.

my radio show has one definite regular listener at the moment. from kansas. and she calls every week to remind me how much she hates me.

it makes me feel so loveded.

fruity music radio show was.....fruity. many mentions of papaya. didn't even get time to play all of the fun j-pop stuff.

there's someone at school who i hardly know but keep running into all the time because our paths keep crossing. and he intrigues me so. possibly the friendliest person i know. but he's one of those people who somehow makes you feel like anything's possible, that there's no reason to stress over things, even though they never say anything like that at all. it's something in their attitude and approach to life. and i'm really glad that i've met him, actually. if only because maybe, years from now, he'll randomly spring to mind for no reason whatsoever and make me smile.

hurrah and huzzah for artist types.

as of today i was told his last name. but i've forgotten it again. i've never been of the opinion that last names are that important, though.

strangely, hanging out at the peak offices lately's been fun, interesting, and actually relaxing (even though no one there today knew who spike jones was), while every time i open an email for the prague magazine i can just feel meself tense up. i think it's the job i have. i just want to be an editor, i think. not web-person. i don't like it so much anymore. but at the moment it's still my leverage point, so i'll stick with it for awhile longer. well, that, coupled with the fact that being the long-distance person, you don't really feel a part of things in the end, just that you're being told what happens. it would be nice if the magazine had more of a "collective" feel to it. as it stands, however, it still feels like one person's baby and the rest of us should be providing support, regardless of what's actually said.

really really wish, however, that i could live in prague and work here. best of both worlds. best company in the world, between the two of them, as well. at least, will be come summertime when everyone's back where they belong.

(so lonely without any inkpens next door...)

if elvis doesn't stop singing queenie wahinnie's papaya inside my head soon, my brain may in fact explode.

come monday the act of taking a shower/bath won't be a huge ordeal anymore, because the doctor will have taken out the stitches and it won't matter if i get my knee wet from then on. you cannot imagine how exciting this is for me.

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