Thursday, February 05, 2004

THIS is why i've hardly slept the past couple days. this is why i've been thriving on english mints (they didn't have scotch mints at the grocery store) for the past day and a half. this is why i still haven't started my paper that's due tomorrow - haven't even watched the film i need to watch for it yet. sleep is looking unlikely once again.

still, although it's not entirely what i'd have done in some places, i figure it's finally up to scratch at least for linking purposes. trust me, it's a vast improvement on the old one.

this is also a shining example of how much i've learned over the past 3 days, hurrah and huzzah for me!

for the past night and a half, i keep smelling chammomile while i'm working at my desk. except that i haven't had chammomile tea once. and don't even have any other kinds of teas lying about. it's quite pleasant, really, but i don't know what it is.

so. good enough to lay to rest for awhile, i'm off to watch french women's avant-garde films. have to warm up my hand anyways - the one problem with where my computer is now is that it's right by a big window, which means that although there's a lovely view, my right hand slowly slowly freezes over time because of the loss of heat right there. but fortunately because of positioning it seems to protect the left hand from losing heat. such a martyr....

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