Monday, February 16, 2004

notwist and themselves was good, even if i was too listless to do anything other than sit in a chair and enjoy it.

cjsf party was good fun, chatting with people, seeing people i haven't seen in awhile, and actually talking to colin for awhile. too bad running into him still always makes me feel vaguely crappy about meself (never his doing. not his fault he's far more successful in everything he does. and he's a super nice guy so you can't even dislike him for it.). but it was still nice to get to know him a little. just crappy timing, considering everything else i've been trying to figure out lately.

people's prom last night was great fun. dressed up all silly-like with little buns all over my head and a nice yellow flower mixed in to boot, new year's dress and ugly stockings. saw more people i knew than expected, had lovely chats with people i'd never met before and people i sorta knew but didn't know well. danced a little, people-watched more. if my grad dance had been like this, i probably would have gone to it.

spent time with my dad's mom today. really wish it were more convenient for me to live there. she needs someone there, and i like spending time with her. maybe when it's reasonable for me to be relying on busses only again, whenever that is.

ran into an old co-worker at the mall today. i think he's the funniest person i know, and he doesn't even have to try. i miss working with him - at least he made crappy jobs fun. gonna have to harrass him at his current job sometime.

surgery's tomorrow. gotta decide if i'm going back to prague or not by friday and can't figure out which idea's better but very unhappy about the prospect of not living with stefan if i don't go back. but you can't plan your life just to be near someone, as much as they mean to you. but i really wish you could. wish there were someone to talk to, but don't know who i want to need to should talk to.

if anyone has nothing better to do than try to cheer up a vaguely-frightened-rather-stressed person busy cleaning her room so i don't trip over stuff while i get used to crutches tomorrow, go for it: 604-727-4142. especially if i don't know who you are already. talking to strangers can be the greatest stress reliever - too busy getting to know them and no time to think about your troubles.

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