Friday, February 13, 2004

next week one of my classes is cancelled completely, which means no school on monday or wednesday (and i normally have tuesdays off anyways).

rather than do something amazingly exciting on monday, i figured i'd take the doctor up on his offer to take away my ability to walk.

unfortunately i realised afterwards that that's the same day that there's an arts show that some of my photos will be in. my first time ever really exhibiting something, and i'm not going to be able to go.

unless i have one of the first appointments of the day. times haven't been set yet, but apparently i could have a time as early as 7:30am. hope hope hope hope hope hope hope that i get that one. that gives me time to have surgery, get over the anesthesia, figure out if i need to bring drugs or not, and catch a ride downtown. because sitting in a chair at a cafe's going to be able the same as sitting in a chair at home, right?

so everyone who reads this, think happy thoughts overnight for sarah to get the first timeslot of the day.

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