Friday, February 20, 2004

i should be writing my paper that was due yesterday that was already on an extension but now i'll have to hope that a doctor's note will allow for a bit more of an extension on top of it all.

i should be doing a bunch of readings for all my classes and maybe even getting some assignments done early.

i should be finding out if it's possible to get a lift to school this afternoon for the sole purpose of learning newspaper layout, if the zoned, lack-of-concentration feeling leaves me in time.

i should be calling natasha to tell her that she should set up an interview for me for friday night because i desperately need money and although a job like that would entail some messed up sleeping patterns i think i could handle it even if it means that weekends are suddenly a little less interesting.

i should be learning more for the website (anyone feel like giving me a tutorial on mysql databases? i don't do well just looking up info on my own, i like being shown how things work in person. i learn better that way.) and altering some layout things and making it all splendiferous.

i should be figuring out who to interview for a class project, which i think is supposed to be stress-worthy, but it's an interview. and interviews are fun. silly teachers.

i should be figuring out how on earth to clean meself without getting my leg wet while balancing on only one foot (alas, i think it will have to be baths, which i've never cared much for).

i should be bending my knee more regularly. and get more used to crutches.

i should be getting something to eat.

but i don't feel like doing anything other than sitting here reading nonsense and hoping that people come online to chat with. the drugs aren't making my resolve to be productive any stronger either.

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