Wednesday, February 11, 2004

i like secret messages. {g}

yay, the no show is mine! yay, i'm going to see notwist! oops, i forgot to reply to emails today, but yes, i'd love to see the evaporators show as well.

for having absolutely no money to my name, i'm actually doing pretty well entertainment-wise these days. go me!

so that's the one good thing that came out of today. hours spent trying to make something work that DOES NOT WANT TO WORK and still not succeeding, after a week of fighting with it, not so good. still have other things to write, for school and for no profit whatsoever.

oh wait, one more good thing (maybe?), i have work. no clue how it'll go, but it'll involve sitting and doing stuff up on the computer, and talking on the phone. from the comfort of the very chair that i'm sitting in right now. OOOOOOOOH. how much money i'll earn, i don't know. but now i can consider myself a part of another evil, this time in the form of the Welcome Wagon gang! yippee.

oh, and one last good thing. very good thing, actually. biking around the poco trail and going by the colony farms (the psychopathic mental institution that no one here really knows about) with kenten, having grand discussions about things that you shouldn't talk about loudly in post offices if you're in a country that speaks your language. got exercise. got sun. wore out my knee for awhile. next time i'm voting we try to make it to minnekhada.

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