Friday, February 27, 2004

forgot to mention before.

saw raffi at the offshore drilling lecture on tuesday night just down the row from mr mulder and me. and if i hadn't been on crutches i'd have gone up to introduce meself, but as it was i wasn't absolutely certain it was him and it didn't seem worth the effort of making my way over (have i mentioned how hard moving is at the moment? particularly when i lose my meds and have to deal with the pain all by meself), but it made sense that it was him, being a big environmentalist as well. but for some reason i thought that he was based in ontario.

but after looking at present-day pictures of him (instead of the "Rise And Shine" record cover picture from the 80s, which is what i usually think of when i think of him) and finding out that their group's actually based in BC...

doh. missed my chance to say hi to raffi.

next time!

out of curiousity: who reading this doesn't know raffi? i've never known how widely he's known, and noticed that kids singers tend to remain popular (relatively) locally only.'s raffi! surely he's kinda worldwide, no?

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