Tuesday, February 10, 2004

all day long i felt terribly stressed, like i'd made a bad decision except that i didn't know what or how or what to do about it. couldn't concentrate in class, couldn't make meself do anything properly, had to go back into one building at school 3 times over because i kept forgetting what i wanted to do there.

fortunately it wore off as the day went on.

hung out at the poirier library chatting with a friend, which i haven't done since grade 12. the coffeeshop has changed completely - no atmosphere in there whatsoever anymore. we sat in the lobby hallway instead of feeling obliged to buy overpriced drinks, though.

and then i went to a wedding show. first time ever. it was work research. kinda. sorta. and you know what? it wasn't as terrible as i thought it would be. although the fun that was had with the fashion show (well, the guys in it, at least) was probably the whole reason. stole snackies. handed out info cards. briefly discussed our opinions on marriage before someone pointed out that we shouldn't be saying such things at a wedding shower. saw someone i went to high school with wearing one of the bride's corsages.* saw plenty of other people who looked disturbingly familiar. i don't think anyone recognised me, though. can't say i'm disappointed.

was offered the chance to be a model for the wedding dresses (& maybe even lingerie!) in the next wedding show. was all into it when i realised i might have had surgery by then (at least, i sincerely hope i have...) and prolly wouldn't be able to walk. i'm actually quite disappointmented.

ah well. them's the breaks.

may get to interview david suzuki, though. wouldn't that be nifty!

* jennifer lubik, according to my high school yearbook. no, i couldn't remember her name. yes, i pulled out that book just to find it out. no, it still doesn't seem that familiar. just always saw her face. but then again, the yearbooks were notorious for mislabelling people....

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