Thursday, January 15, 2004

tonight ed treated me to the film event of the century. yes, it could only be.... Torque!

take however bad you'd expect it to be and then multiply that by forty. but only forty. afterall, it had a minor semblance of plot. and the dog added so much to the acting onscreen. alright, maybe forty-one. i'm sure the fact that our getting there a little late and having to sit superclose to the screen didn't help the film much either. during the fight scenes it was an effort to figure out which fist belonged to who. not that it really mattered in the end. to top it off, the film ended with a nickelback song. could it have gotten any better?

at least the green guy didn't die. he was my favourite. although he might have just magically come back to life due to a continuity error. i was pretty certain someone shot him at some point in the middle.

and ice cube got to shout out "fuck da po-lice!" and be all cool and hardcore.

the one good thing about the film was that we didn't pay a penny for it. oh, and they gave out free bandanas when we left the theatre, just so that we could be as cool as Ice Cube.

oh, and they wanted to search my bag before i went in to be certain that i didn't have any cameras. when they discovered i had a laptop it caused a bit of a stir. one security fellow had to go inside to ask his supervisor if i could even enter the theatre. heaven forbid i try to write a paper or something while in a cinema enjoying high-quality entertainment like Torque...

good times....

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