Sunday, February 01, 2004

this pisses me off. see who those photographs are creditted to up at the top? well, at least a couple of those images are mine. i took them. i was told i'd get credit for my work, but i don't see my name there at all.

way back when i started harassing that guy to get my negatives back, it took him months to finally get them - kept forgettng to look for them, forgetting to bring them into work... and when i finally got them 5 strips were missing. and i told him as much and he said he'd look for them but never found them. i was calling him from Prague at one point to try to get them back, and he finally said he'd found them, he'd leave them for a friend of mine to pick up, as i wasn't in vancouver. and it was only when i just got home this month that i got to see the strips, and i'm pretty certain i didn't take them, and more to the point, some of the photographs that i knew that i'd taken and that were on those missing strips, aren't there at all.

and suddenly i'm noticing that some of the pictures that i know i took are right there on the page, and could very well be from my missing negative strips. so i don't want to seem suspicious, but you can't blame me for thinking that he might have kept those strips because there were pictures he wanted to claim as his on there.

the only problem is that this is two years old now (nearly). so i don't know what to do about it, whether to kick up a fuss or just concede to losing them. except that i really want to see those photos i remember taking - i remembered them for a reason.

and if i'm emailing the festival people to try to ask them if i could work (not volunteer) with them this year, i don't know whether to mention anything or not.


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