Tuesday, January 20, 2004

knee surgery date's set: january 26th, probably in the AM. so i have one week left that i have as much mobility as i want. after that, we'll have to see.

in all honesty i'm a little scared. i'll be put under while they do it (as opposed to local anesthesia), so at least i won't be fully conscious while they play with my knee. and i've had that once before, when i lost my wisdom teeth, but the idea of being put under, forced asleep and unable to wake up no matter what until they let you, it's just vageuly terrifying. (and also because it's in the form of a needle - aiyaa.)

but oh well. i've already decided i'll be walking within a day or two. pain doesn't bother me so much, i'll be fine.

and hey, maybe i'll finally get crutches!

so many things to do this week....

so much for getting a job right now, too. doh.

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