Thursday, January 22, 2004

i'm not sure if i'm just being a snob about the site i'm helping out with, but i think i'm justified in everything i've been thinking/commenting on to people. i'm still wary of linking to it, so this'll be an entry without any backup, but so be it. but in terms of layout and content, i'm sorry, i think it's lacking. and i've tried to explain meself but i don't think i quite succeeded. at least, not the way i wanted to. anything i say meant as constructive criticism has been taken as attacks.

daniel's asked why i don't just quit, except that it's practice and experience for me, seeing how the site's being done up and how they're trying to get the magazine running, and it would be grand to be involved, especially if it gets up and running. i just.. i keep seeing things that could be improved upon and i want to help out and fix things and add more but it's a little hard not having the equipment (ie: a decent computer or a workspace, cuz sitting on the hallway floor unable to even use a mouse is not cutting it), not being in prague to actually go around and do things that are relevant, and what with trying to do some intense courses, deal with this upcoming knee surgery, and find everything that's gone missing since i left... so instead i find meself biting my tongue because i don't want to be criticising when i can't offer replacements/new suggestions. but even so..

i have a headache.

i do want this page to work. i really do. i want to help out. i'm thinking that the few weeks i'm stuck sitting most of the time'll be rather useful to play around on computers and come up with ideas. i just don't like feeling like the bad guy pointing out the shortcomings of things as they are. and no, i don't think i'm above any criticism either. i'm just confused with what my priorities should be at the moment aswell, because they're not the same as the people working on the magazine/site (as in, the magazine's not quite the most important thing on my list at the moment).

ah well.

today i learned how to actually make sense of CSS. i think. and i managed to be useful in class. this is the second time around i've had this prof, and the first time i felt like she hated me. she's a tough marker, but she's actually an interesting prof and a nice person. i just didn't expect the low marks last time around. this time...i'll just keep my expectations a little lower, and all will be dandy! oh, and i was told that i'll be receiving norwegian comics in the mail. so i suppose that today was worth living afterall. i'll save suicide for another day.


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