Sunday, January 11, 2004

does everyone knit now? so many blogs talk about knitting, so many people i see and stay with knitting, even my sister when i got to the airport in seattle was sitting there knitting. i want to learn to knit, have for awhile, but at this point it's because i feel silly being the only person in the world who can't. (although the fact that i can't was a brief bonding moment with a friend's mother a couple weeks ago. i suppose everything happens for a reason.)

i keep waking up at 6am. in some ways this is good and handy, but i'm still staying up late to get over any hint of jet lag and somehow it's just not making any difference.

but yes. so i made it back to canada in one piece. a snowstorm delayed the first flight for 4 hours, the second flight arrived an hour early, the third an hour late. had a brief culture shock getting on the plane in london to cincinatti, hearing the american heartland accent stronger than i've heard it in eons, hearing people asking how you're doing and chatting you up as though you're their closest friend. just by-passed being surprise-searched 3 minutes from the plane (part of the states' New Procedures. also a part, no congregating near the toilets on the flight. the pilot explained that congregating, by american standards, was 2 or more people. so we were all encouraged to be anti-social.). after looking at my passport photo and then at me now, the immigration official in cincinatti asked me if i'd been going through "A Phase" when the photo was taken (it's 5 years old so i've still got short hair). the customs guy had his keys hanging round his neck on a WWJD necklace. american flag pins were on every lapel. army troops wandering all over the airport (though not on duty, but still dressed up). Armed US Marshall patrolling the airport (big hat and everything). got searched for explosives when my knee brace set off the metal detector and i couldn't be bothered to tell them that i could take it off. but they checked everything that i had with me after that. met some interesting americans who were surprisingly pro-New Security Policies after telling me what sort of life they'd led before then. 3 hour drive from seattle to vancouver and then i was finally home. fortunately rebecca had come along to keep me company. i appreciated it.

but everything feels strangely the same. s'almost like i was never gone. little things are different, but... overall i feel like i was here last week and last month and haven't been away at all.

first day home was exceedingly productive. second day was still good but didn't manage to accomplish many of the Important Things.

so far, though, knee surgery will be sometime late january/early february (waiting for the exact appointment date) by a greek doctor who's name i can't pronounce. i'm in one class i need but wasn't registered in, the other one's still on hold but i sincerely hope the teacher takes pity on me because i need it. i'm certain that i have three of my minors settled, but i've been lazy in talking to the english advisor and suddenly had a panic attack thinking that i might not be finished there afterall (but i was certain i was back in prague, so surely it's all alright..?). already hooked up with cjsf and the peak again. already started catching up on What's Going On In Vancouver and have a couple requests in for tickets-for-reviews/interviews. slowly getting The List completed.

but it's seeing people that i haven't seen in awhile that's the funnest part. especially the people who weren't expecting to see me. such fun hanging out at cjsf for awhile yesterday.

mind you, my house has completely changed since i last saw it. and the on-air booth at cjsf has been repainted. and i don't know any bus schedules anymore. and found out that someone i know's now a hardcore lesbian. (not entirely surprising, but very cool that it's official.) so i suppose some things have changed a little....

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