Friday, January 30, 2004

Your future occupation by meteoric
Your name
Your future occupationFashion designer
Yearly income$713,792
Hours per week you work8
EducationUp to 2 years of college
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

though if i put in my first and last name, capitalised, i come out as a doctor. but i don't earn so much and i work more.
i became a sys admin for a day. learned some php, learned some MySLQ or whatever it is, learning some of the whole database crap involved with keeping a site in order. and i'm tempted to try to keep the position just because it's a challenge and i know i could make it work if i had a week or two.

but i also know i'd be stressed and not having so much fun with life and that there's people who can and are willing to do it quicker. so i'm handing the reins over to someone else, i think.

still. sorta sucks. it's fun to play god for a little while every now and then. but maybe, seeing as i was the one to suggest my future replacement, maybe he'll still let me in on the god status every now and then.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

i made a typo punching in my website, and it brought me here. interesting....

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

today is surprise blood test day!

i knew i needed some tests done for preadmissions for surgery, but i didn't know what kind.

but i was a trooper and even though i was severly dizzy when i stood up afterwards, i still made it through, and no more blood tests for me for awhile now!

so as a reward tonight i'm seeing Corporation and, if we're lucky, Lost in Translation.

hurrah and huzzah.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

random quote taken out of context:

"My wife! And I'm unarmed!"

(from the film version of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" which we've been watching in class...)

Monday, January 26, 2004

i must share my amusement, though only KitH fans will really care.

i found out that i can play with settings on trillian and make different notification sounds when particular people come online. and i have one friend who i see regularly enough and usually i'm happy to see them and want to talk to them anyways, but they're on dial-up so they're not always around like a lot of my other friends. but when they do come online they use two different chat programs, so it's always msn first and then aim.

so as of yesterday when the msn account logs on, dave's voice pipes up saying, "Was I to wait forEVer?" and when the aim account comes online a splitsecond afterwards, kevin calls out "IRONYYYYY!!!"

it makes me smile.
last night i was watching movies with julie and kenten and afterwards we were talking about the movie, and then just about vancouver (they've only been back here for two months, after two years teaching english in japan). we were talking about the weather and the times of sunrises wherever we've been, and kenten made a comment about "even the difference in the time the sun rises/sets between here and edmonton is surprisingly different...."

i had to stop and wonder why he was comparing "here" to edmonton of all places.

and then it dawned on me that i was actually in canada. in vancouver, to be exact.

can't tell you where i did think i was, but it certainly wasn't vancouver.

strange strange strange. usually you wake up and have to think where you are, not just sporradically throughout the day, you'd think.
pretty things can be found here.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

alright, now it's snowing. much better.
it's grey and slushy outside. it's almost turned into snow but not quite yet. it's fitting.

currently listening to nordvargr soundscapes.

it's extremely calming to listen to. don't know what the album is, but every track's a recording from a different day of the week, i think.

comprehension pop quiz: what sort of mood am i in today?

Saturday, January 24, 2004

today has to be one of the worst days ever. not to say it didn't have it's good moments. and fortunately it ended on a good note. but i have not been this stressed, frustrated, angry, and upset in a good long time.

last night jodi and i saw a suicide-site guide to the city. and just as i'd been debating trying to set up a phone interview with the writer/main actor, he walked right up to me and introduced himself to me. so i figured it was a sign. i liked the play. a little frenetic at times, but interesting. and there was a spontaneous audience-lead singalong of "what the world needs now". {g} if anyone in vancouver's reading this, check it out, it's only on til the 24th.

so this morning, the interview with darren o'donnell was awesome. figured on a 15 minute stint with him on the phone. 15 became 20 minutes before i wrapped it up. and after i had we still ended up chatting another 45 minutes before i had to leave and he had to leave. interesting fella, though. made me like his play all the more.

and then the day took a turn for the worst.

was told off by my prof for arriving halfway through class when firstly, i'm paying to be there, surely that's my choice, and secondly, at least i came rather than skipping the entire class. oh, and thirdly, i learned much more chatting with darren than what i learned in class today.

played telephone tag with burnaby general hospital as they tried to schedule me for a pre-admissions appointment, and i did my darndest to get there on time. managed to get there, had to wait a half hour while the nurse was at lunch, and when she finally arrived, i found out that my surgery date on monday had been cancelled.

the dr's office had kindly neglected to let me know about it. and when i did talk to them the secretary would only say that she was sorry but "it's not my fault." over and over again. when in reality, it is. especially because the least she could have done would have been to've let me know what was going on a little earlier than the last working day before my surgery. before i'd rescheduled papers and organised pretty much my entire life to work around that surgery date.

and now they tell me that i might be able to get a date in february.

i'm angry. extremely so. i think i'm going doctor-shopping on monday. maybe this doctor's fine, but his secretary is not making me happy about any of this.

so despite being tired i went and played around during my time at cjsf, made some silly glitches with knobs and buttons which i do blame on being so distracted and upset, but playing on-air still did wonders to make me feel better.

until i came home to discover that the nat'l student loans people had called to tell me that because a form had arrived there a couple weeks late, they weren't going to be able to change my status back to "student" unti i'd paid the $70 interest that had accumulated before the form arrived. and they won't retroact the form's power and nullify the interest, even though i was still considered an SFU student during the time that i wasn't registered in classes. they kindly said that i can send them a letter allowing them to take money out of my account. fortunately, that's exactly how much money i have left, so now all that money that i hoped would pay off a bill or two can go to pay interest that i shouldn't even owe, so in the end i've spent money but i'm no better off.

i debated going back up to cjsf to sit in on ed's show. nearly didn't. but in the end i'm glad i did because again, radio helped. and friends helped. and playing crappy euro pop and having pointless discussions about the music on-air helped. and i've already forgotten the name of the band that ed recommended. doh.

but i'm glad i went.

afterwards, natasha convinced me to come with her and some others to check out the sex show (like a trade show, but all relating to sex instead of, say, industry). lotsa toys. lotsa nifty books. lotsa information. male stripper* (we prolly missed the female ones). interesting people.

good times.

so like i said. at least the day ended on a better note.

but i hate the medical system at the moment. and i swear my knee is cursed. whenever i get any closer to getting it fixed, something else happens. if this happens one more time, i give up.

* i'm sorry, i just don't get the attraction. it's not even interesting for me to watch. if anything, it's just a little annoying and perhaps even a little sad....

Friday, January 23, 2004

because i fear you won't get the emails i sent you and in hopes you look at this before you head to bed for the night..


can you help me? i've set up a phone interview at the station for tomorrow morning, but afterwards realised that i might be doing it before anyone who knows how to set things up will be there (9:15am). can you quickly send me a list of how to have things set up in the studio to record the phone interview? i'm hoping i can figure it out anyways and remember things, but it's been a long time since i've done it and i'm not entirely sure.

if you can email me at hradcanska@hotmail(dot)com or just post something here, i'd really appreciate it...

or if anyone else knows how to do things, feel free to let me know as well!

thanks in advance..

Thursday, January 22, 2004

i'm not sure if i'm just being a snob about the site i'm helping out with, but i think i'm justified in everything i've been thinking/commenting on to people. i'm still wary of linking to it, so this'll be an entry without any backup, but so be it. but in terms of layout and content, i'm sorry, i think it's lacking. and i've tried to explain meself but i don't think i quite succeeded. at least, not the way i wanted to. anything i say meant as constructive criticism has been taken as attacks.

daniel's asked why i don't just quit, except that it's practice and experience for me, seeing how the site's being done up and how they're trying to get the magazine running, and it would be grand to be involved, especially if it gets up and running. i just.. i keep seeing things that could be improved upon and i want to help out and fix things and add more but it's a little hard not having the equipment (ie: a decent computer or a workspace, cuz sitting on the hallway floor unable to even use a mouse is not cutting it), not being in prague to actually go around and do things that are relevant, and what with trying to do some intense courses, deal with this upcoming knee surgery, and find everything that's gone missing since i left... so instead i find meself biting my tongue because i don't want to be criticising when i can't offer replacements/new suggestions. but even so..

i have a headache.

i do want this page to work. i really do. i want to help out. i'm thinking that the few weeks i'm stuck sitting most of the time'll be rather useful to play around on computers and come up with ideas. i just don't like feeling like the bad guy pointing out the shortcomings of things as they are. and no, i don't think i'm above any criticism either. i'm just confused with what my priorities should be at the moment aswell, because they're not the same as the people working on the magazine/site (as in, the magazine's not quite the most important thing on my list at the moment).

ah well.

today i learned how to actually make sense of CSS. i think. and i managed to be useful in class. this is the second time around i've had this prof, and the first time i felt like she hated me. she's a tough marker, but she's actually an interesting prof and a nice person. i just didn't expect the low marks last time around. this time...i'll just keep my expectations a little lower, and all will be dandy! oh, and i was told that i'll be receiving norwegian comics in the mail. so i suppose that today was worth living afterall. i'll save suicide for another day.

i have a vee-hick-kyool for the rest of the week! which means i get to run around and accomplish things much better than i could have without it.

i'm enjoying driving. it's a shame that it's an automatic car, but a person can't have everything. hopefully not being able to walk won't mean not being able to drive for just as long.

(guess what's constantly on my mind these days?)

i'm worried, though. you know how when you finally get fed up with your hair and just decide to go have it cut, and suddenly it magically starts acting nicely and looking fabulous, especially the day that your hair appointment is booked? that's the sort of thing i'm having with my knee at the moment. it's feeling dandy and working well and feeling sturdier than i'm used to.

at the same time, though, i know that if you put pressure on it just the right way, it's disturbing how far apart my knee will stretch. (if you're ever curious i can show you how they test for torn ligaments. i've had more than my share of the experience, and if it's perfectly healthy it doesn't feel like a thing, but if there's give... it's icky. more psychologically than actually feeling like anything. but knees should not move like that, trust me.) on the plus side, the one course i'll definitely miss shouldn't be too important, i'll actually have all the readings for that first week so i won't have to crawl up to the library, and due dates seem to be working out well.

so. this weekend i'm hiking and biking and running and wandering down at the beach and doing everything that i know i won't be able to do for awhile. if anyone's got location suggestions or nothing better to do, i'm open for suggestions!

at the moment, however, i'm forced to sit on the hallway floor to write up some papers and articles. i only wish i could actually use my computer in my bedroom, but alas the cord doesn't stretch. it's more frustrating than you know - sitting crosslegged on the floor in the corner of a cramped hallway the real reason why i can't get any work done these days.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

yay, sarah has a weekly fill-in slot on cjsf, rather than the every-other-week-ly one that i had before!

party party party.

next week, party on crutches!
a favour for a friend:

this is laurie, a friend of mine. she's out in Toronto at the moment as a delegate to become the next Miss Canada. and before anyone reading this starts scoffing at the stupidity of such a competition, laurie knows it as well and nearly didn't go because of it. however, she's an aspiring singer (and a brilliantly talented one) and the publicity that a person can get at Miss Canada could help her out a lot. so, most awards are chosen by the judges, however there's still the Peoples' Choice Award! which, if you have a spare moment and nothing better to do than to help out someone you probably don't know..

"To vote for your favorite, simply send an e-mail to with the name of the delegate of your preference in the subject line. Please remember, only ONE vote per e-mail address.

Submissions must be made before Friday, January 23rd, 2004 at 12 midnight
EST (Eastern Standard Time)."

so, if you want, have a gander, and if you agree that Laurie Mannette's the one to choose, go ahead and send an email. she's appreciate it, i'm sure.

(...must close the Miss Universe Canada page, the plastic smiles are hurting my eyes...)

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

one last time.

dad, please do not keep reading this page.

thank you...
knee surgery date's set: january 26th, probably in the AM. so i have one week left that i have as much mobility as i want. after that, we'll have to see.

in all honesty i'm a little scared. i'll be put under while they do it (as opposed to local anesthesia), so at least i won't be fully conscious while they play with my knee. and i've had that once before, when i lost my wisdom teeth, but the idea of being put under, forced asleep and unable to wake up no matter what until they let you, it's just vageuly terrifying. (and also because it's in the form of a needle - aiyaa.)

but oh well. i've already decided i'll be walking within a day or two. pain doesn't bother me so much, i'll be fine.

and hey, maybe i'll finally get crutches!

so many things to do this week....

so much for getting a job right now, too. doh.

Monday, January 19, 2004

too busy procrastinating, not enough working.

mind you, reliving 6 years ago by reading archived kith newsgroup posts isn't a bad way to spend the day.

my friday fill-in hour at cjsf became two hours when the show after me never showed up. vaguely stressful at first, but ultimately, good good fun. i like being on actual FM now - people are actually listening! even had people call in to request music, one fellow telling me that he'd send me music that i might like, if i'd like (ed, does a guy called Uncle Betty call in often? he said his name as though i might know who he is...?). could have kept at it for longer, but had to skedaddle lest i miss seeing K..

thumbs up to K., overall, though getting used to the amount of effects they used took a little while. but some very impressive performances. and it's always nice to feel extremely uncomfortable while watching a theatre production.

Friday, January 16, 2004

bizarre day.

managed to squeeze into the last class i needed to be registered in. unfortunately it's because i ended up crying when the prof first told me she couldn't let me in. i still feel stupid for doing it, didn't mean to. except that i'd found out that my favourite professor at SFU passed away a year ago only 15 minutes before meeting the prof, and lynne's death actually hit me a lot harder than i would have expected. although really, she's one of the most amazing and inspirational people i've ever met. and she helped get me to prague, and encouraged me to go as well. so i'm terribly sorry that i didn't get to see her one more time just to thank her or say hi or....

but anyways. so i got into a class even though it's overfull and the teacher's doing me a HUGE favour for me at the expense of herself and her time and her desire to keep the class a little smaller. i'm terrible, i know.

met a fellow on the skytrain who was the embodiment of happiness, singing and joking and laughing to himself. "the world's falling apart around me but i'm still happy!" when he noticed me noticing him, he started telling me his life story, how he'd been a junky for 17 years but it was only the last four years that he really realised that he had a problem and he's tried a number of times over and keep lapsing, but this time it's for real, and it may only have been four days now that he'd been sober this time but in his situation, it's a big deal and he was proud of himself for it. this time his brother's sponsoring him and he's checking into a clinic in surrey and he's going to get his life back in order because he's realised that he's lost nearly everything that meant anything to him and he was at the point where he could kill himself, go to jail, or try to make things better. so he's choosing the last one. he told me about his son who's just graduated high school with A's all around, how he loves his son more than anything in this world. just before he got off the skytrain i asked him where he was headed right then.

"to the moon!"


"i'm gonna go get high. just one last time! because after this that's it, i'm going to be a changed man! i know it's stupid. i know it's not a good idea. but i just can't help it. so i'm gonna go buy the dope, shoot it up on the skytrain on the way to the clinic, and then check myself in and a year from now you won't even recognise me, i'll be doing so much better! i'll recognise you, i'll remember you, because you listened to me today and i'll never forget that. but you won't know who i am until i tell you but i'll tell you, i'll let you know how i'm doing!"

i tried to change his mind but it didn't work. i hope he made it to the clinic alright.

after school was finished, waiting for jodi to show up at the downtown library, was sitting at a table just outside. a brownhaired fellow came up trying to convince me to pay him to read my palm. told him i had no money, he kept trying. told him i'd just returned from europe and had student loans out for $XX and he was more than welcome to help me pay those back first. he sat down and said that he'd just come back from new york and was having his own form of culture shock, as he was sure i must have been going through. so we chatted briefly, he told me what new york is like. then, said he had to leave, but he'd read my palm for free if i wanted. why not?

"hmm... good in relationships... good in business... [other palm] good in relationships... [ drops my hand] so you wanna come back to my place and fuck?"

alas, i was meeting a friend, it just wouldn't work! too bad.... if he hadn't been such a cocky bastard i might truly have been a little sorry. still, he wins points for the attempt. it's by far one of the most amusing ones i've ever gotten.

i'm not sure if today's a full moon or not. starting to think it might have been.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

tonight ed treated me to the film event of the century. yes, it could only be.... Torque!

take however bad you'd expect it to be and then multiply that by forty. but only forty. afterall, it had a minor semblance of plot. and the dog added so much to the acting onscreen. alright, maybe forty-one. i'm sure the fact that our getting there a little late and having to sit superclose to the screen didn't help the film much either. during the fight scenes it was an effort to figure out which fist belonged to who. not that it really mattered in the end. to top it off, the film ended with a nickelback song. could it have gotten any better?

at least the green guy didn't die. he was my favourite. although he might have just magically come back to life due to a continuity error. i was pretty certain someone shot him at some point in the middle.

and ice cube got to shout out "fuck da po-lice!" and be all cool and hardcore.

the one good thing about the film was that we didn't pay a penny for it. oh, and they gave out free bandanas when we left the theatre, just so that we could be as cool as Ice Cube.

oh, and they wanted to search my bag before i went in to be certain that i didn't have any cameras. when they discovered i had a laptop it caused a bit of a stir. one security fellow had to go inside to ask his supervisor if i could even enter the theatre. heaven forbid i try to write a paper or something while in a cinema enjoying high-quality entertainment like Torque...

good times....

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i think there's something in the SuperDuperExtremelySaltyLicorice that i'm allergic to. fortunately i've eaten the last piece now, but still rather dizzy. it'll pass.

hope i get over the allergy though... the skull-shaped licorices are the tastiest!

which reminds me:


anyone know where a gal could find some proper, salty (to scandinavian standards), licorice?
prizes could be available if you have any sources...

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

rain's handy. it means i hang out chatting with people for an hour or so longer than i intended to stay at SFU.

even so, i do need to remember to pack an umbrella tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

actually. one other point of interest (at least to me):
a surprising amount of the music that was overplayed or absolutely terrible pop or even semi-good pop but still played all the time that i heard everywhere i went in one seems to have heard of here. well, "no one" being siblings and a few friends, but they'd have heard it on the radio even if it weren't by choice.

it's not so much that there's popular music in europe that's not popular here, it's which songs weren't also big here that's the strange bit.

which means i'm loading up daniel's computer with crappy european pop to share my misery.

fun times....
Lucky colour: BLUE
BLUE: Symbolises knowledge. Defined as Winter,
represents the element of Water. Signifies
creativity, intuition, and learning. It's close
to the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and
therefore is Yin shui (energy on the decline).

Your Lucky Colour (based on Asian colour symbolism)
brought to you by Quizilla

only because i like the image.
does everyone knit now? so many blogs talk about knitting, so many people i see and stay with knitting, even my sister when i got to the airport in seattle was sitting there knitting. i want to learn to knit, have for awhile, but at this point it's because i feel silly being the only person in the world who can't. (although the fact that i can't was a brief bonding moment with a friend's mother a couple weeks ago. i suppose everything happens for a reason.)

i keep waking up at 6am. in some ways this is good and handy, but i'm still staying up late to get over any hint of jet lag and somehow it's just not making any difference.

but yes. so i made it back to canada in one piece. a snowstorm delayed the first flight for 4 hours, the second flight arrived an hour early, the third an hour late. had a brief culture shock getting on the plane in london to cincinatti, hearing the american heartland accent stronger than i've heard it in eons, hearing people asking how you're doing and chatting you up as though you're their closest friend. just by-passed being surprise-searched 3 minutes from the plane (part of the states' New Procedures. also a part, no congregating near the toilets on the flight. the pilot explained that congregating, by american standards, was 2 or more people. so we were all encouraged to be anti-social.). after looking at my passport photo and then at me now, the immigration official in cincinatti asked me if i'd been going through "A Phase" when the photo was taken (it's 5 years old so i've still got short hair). the customs guy had his keys hanging round his neck on a WWJD necklace. american flag pins were on every lapel. army troops wandering all over the airport (though not on duty, but still dressed up). Armed US Marshall patrolling the airport (big hat and everything). got searched for explosives when my knee brace set off the metal detector and i couldn't be bothered to tell them that i could take it off. but they checked everything that i had with me after that. met some interesting americans who were surprisingly pro-New Security Policies after telling me what sort of life they'd led before then. 3 hour drive from seattle to vancouver and then i was finally home. fortunately rebecca had come along to keep me company. i appreciated it.

but everything feels strangely the same. s'almost like i was never gone. little things are different, but... overall i feel like i was here last week and last month and haven't been away at all.

first day home was exceedingly productive. second day was still good but didn't manage to accomplish many of the Important Things.

so far, though, knee surgery will be sometime late january/early february (waiting for the exact appointment date) by a greek doctor who's name i can't pronounce. i'm in one class i need but wasn't registered in, the other one's still on hold but i sincerely hope the teacher takes pity on me because i need it. i'm certain that i have three of my minors settled, but i've been lazy in talking to the english advisor and suddenly had a panic attack thinking that i might not be finished there afterall (but i was certain i was back in prague, so surely it's all alright..?). already hooked up with cjsf and the peak again. already started catching up on What's Going On In Vancouver and have a couple requests in for tickets-for-reviews/interviews. slowly getting The List completed.

but it's seeing people that i haven't seen in awhile that's the funnest part. especially the people who weren't expecting to see me. such fun hanging out at cjsf for awhile yesterday.

mind you, my house has completely changed since i last saw it. and the on-air booth at cjsf has been repainted. and i don't know any bus schedules anymore. and found out that someone i know's now a hardcore lesbian. (not entirely surprising, but very cool that it's official.) so i suppose some things have changed a little....

Friday, January 09, 2004

Monday, January 05, 2004

it snowed it snowed it snowed today!

lots of snow. we went on a walk and got thoroughly soaked by the time we got home because it started to warm up towards the end of it. managed to garner a couple of brilliant hits with snowballs which made getting wet worth it though. and was told that never had there been a more self-satisfied grin on my face than when a surprise snowball came down directly on someone's head while they were in the middle of going on about vikings and whose boat it was that had been buried under that mound years and years and years ago.

it's probably true. i was rather proud of that hit.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

happy new year!

apparently vancouver had a snowstorm. norway just had snow on the ground and very cold temperatures. but it was fun. more fireworks than i've ever seen on new years' before, actually. silly piano playing. silly brothers-of-friends (and silly friends, for that matter). lovely turkey dinner. excellent sharahshteffanshalad. and waldorf salad. lovely becherovka, snuck in from czech. good times....

finally saw lord of the rings yesterday. and left it feeling terribly disappointed. fortunately there was one person i saw it with who was of the same opinion as i was throughout the film, though i think we were the only two people who weren't so thrilled with it. (managed to annoy some of the other people we saw the film with anyways, making silly comments throughout it, but hey, if we weren't, we'd have been so bored...) the one fight scene was cool, don't know what people were talking about when they were mentioning all the fight scenes, but. the elephants were nifty. the nazg├╗l dragons were cool. a huge number of cheesy lines.

earlier in the day we watched Hercules in New York, arnold schwarzenegger's first role. apparently. they actually had to dub lines over his afterwards because you couldn't understand him when he spoke. fortunately we had the dvd that had the original undubbed version. i think i liked that more...