Wednesday, December 24, 2003

in germany for christmas. and because if i start sending personal emails to people i know i'll forget someone, so instead..


because here, christmas is on the eve. which means that in 34 minutes it's christmastime, except that i doubt i'll get online tomorrow, so i do it now.

i even have presents for everyone here. i feel so proud....

my last day in prague was lovely. sunshine and chilly, a few snowflakes here and there.. and then when i got to the plane it ended up being delayed after everyone was on board. so we sat there for nearly an hour. and when the plane started to move and i woke up and looked out the window, it was the middle of a snowstorm. i said from the beginning that i wouldn't leave prague until it started to snow....

so now i'm here. in glees, smalltown germany, for a few days, before a couple days in buchen near hamburg. and on the one hand, it's nice to be here, but on the other hand it can't go quickly enough. partially because i'm still very aware of how little german i understand (although it's a lot more now than it used to be) but also because i have no one around here to tell the stupid things that pop into my head. at least, no one who'll appreciate it. which is why being in sandefjord will be wonderful, because i'll be spending it with people who are a lot more fun and interesting (by my standards).

just have to hope that it actually snows for new years....

but at any rate. merry christmas, everybody. hope everyone had a good time this year. (still 27 minutes early. ah well.)

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