Sunday, November 30, 2003

dear people across the street with a wheelbarrow,

i'm not really sure what you're doing, all i can see is that you're going into the apartment building with an empty wheelbarrow and coming out with it full of dirt and rocks and garbage. i'm not sure if you're a group of mischievious dirt criminals or if there's treasure hidden beneath all that rubble every time, but i do hope you're happy with what you're doing. what on earth posessed you to do this on the weekend though?? since bright and early 8AM saturday morning you've been banging and crashing, and now again today. if you'd only waited a couple more days, people would have been getting up early anyways, going to work or doing whatever it is they do... why the weekend??


sincerely, sarah, who only got 4 hours of sleep last night. thanks.

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thanks, tavie. {g}

Saturday, November 29, 2003

i hate bad days...

...but seeing an awesome concert in the evening (after a prolonged argument about tickets and lost tickets and money spent on tickets and other such stupidities) can help make up for it.

especially when they sing about Raus the Swedish Mouse.

or at least that's how i understood the lyrics... {g}
i hate bad days.

and it's raining outside too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

i got mail today!

i got a leg!

thank you ed!!

i got new music!

thank you ed and daniel!!

i got rockets!

thank you mom!!

i got a press pass to cover the alternativa festival in prague this weekend, and an invite to the Laibach press conference on friday!

thank you me for not being too lazy to arrange it!

other things accomplished recently:
- started sitting in on philosophy lectures about Spinoza and am having my mind properly destroyed by them. i should have taken more philosophy courses
- saw an exhibit of contemporary chinese photography, and was properly impressed. also, in noticing the reactions i had to certain topics presented or certain senses of humour used or certain images, i realised first of all that i have a stereotype of china, but also what it is. it's not a bad one, it's just strange that i never noticed it before. and now i know it's there, can learn to get rid of it.
- sat in on a french lecture on comic books and their influence on literature. realised that on top of all the english comics i still have to read, there's a huge collection of french ones to look for. so many things to do before i die... but was highly surprised and excited at the number of genre-bending/breaking/testing comics that were discussed as well.

that's all i can think of offhand. must start posting more regularly so that this isn't a constant update rather than an actual proper blog..

Thursday, November 20, 2003

hurrah, the airport in sweden is a 24 hour one! hurrah for information desks that cater to silly questions over email!

but more importantly:

hurrah, i got to see the degenerate art ensemble perform last night!! and beforehand i only knew the name was superfamiliar but couldn't figure out why, and now i realise that i should be kicking meself for having thought of going to see them before in seattle but not bothering. because the show was amazing and the music was bizarre and awesome. when haruko nishimura came out and started singing my jaw just dropped. and stayed like that for much of the rest of the show.

and they were only the opening band. the headliner, uz jsme doma, a czech band that's been around for ages, was good as well, but i have to admit that DAE was an incredibly tough act to follow. UJD were still good, still good music and good visuals. there were fish hanging all over the theatre, which was just plain cool, and free fish-shaped cookies were brought around before everything started, and they christened their newest cd with cod liver oil and passed round the oil for everyone in the audience to taste, so can't complain one bit about their efforts. but it just got so late (cd release party = music long long long into the night) and we were tired and had to be up early, so we never got to stay to see how the painting ended up. but the artwork that goes along with that band is incredible. their pet artist, martin velisek, was painting something along with the music being performed. very cool.

it was a good good night. and for the first time in eons i actually bought a t-shirt at a concert. if only because stefan bought a cd, so i could rationalise spending some money, and not on music. besides, i've been saying the past two weeks that i need another longsleeve shirt.

though fittingly, today was extremely warm outside and a jacket was even unnecessary. feels like spring.

but i want snow!!

ah well.

Monday, November 17, 2003

tickets have just been booked from prague to germany, where i will spend christmas and visit zee germans in the south and then in the north, and then more tickets from lubeck to stockholm to torp, where i get to spend new years with crazy norwegians.


the only worrisome parts are:
a) hoping that i do get a ride from glees to buchen without too much trouble, for free if possible, although if my godmother spends christmas in the south, then i definitely will. hope hope hope.

b) hoping that it isn't a problem sleeping over in the stockholm skavsta airport. because i arrive there late at night and don't go to norway until noon the next day. i've slept over in london stansted often enough, but i'm a little concerned that a smaller place might close overnight. although at worst, i'll find a train station to sleep in, if need be. someone passed on a good tip for sleeping over in places you shouldn't for free: sleep in the handicapped bathroom. you have space, you have a lock on the door, and very few people actually use it anyways, so chances are you won't be noticed.

although if anyone has any knowledge about stavska whatsoever, i'd love to hear about it.

yay! new years with snow! new years in norway! new years with friends i'm not going to see for a very long time! and yay, seeing pretty much everyone i need to see in germany before i leave!

i'm just sad that i'm definitely leaving prague so soon. again. although at this rate, i'm sure i'll be back soon, too.

i hope...

Sunday, November 16, 2003

last year there was a "Canadian Arts Season" organised here in prague. and then came the floods, and the main theatre for performances (and the theatre organising it all) was one of the places overrun by water, so most performances were cancelled. one of those was da da kamera presenting In On It, which is a play i'd already seen in vancouver and was so disappointed that i wasn't going to get to drag anyone i knew out here to see one of my favourite canadian playwrites in action.

and then as we were leaving boban markovic wednesday night, i found a flyer for the second Canadian Arts Season attempt, showing...In On It! thursday and friday night. and of course i got excited again and insisted that i was going to drag one friend to see the show because it's really the only source of canadian culture that i could show off - won't find many canadian movies out here. decided we were going to the friday show, and friday afternoon i called the theatre on a whim to see if daniel macivor would be available for an interview sometime that day, before or after the show, for a magazine that's starting up, that i'm already doing some work for. theatre said they'd call back, although when i went to pick up tickets i ran into the theatre director who answered a ton of questions for me and tried to convince me to come see other shows they were putting on later this week. ("how much would they cost?" "mm..180Kc, probably." "is there any way, if i was covering them for the press, could i get in for free on a press pass...?" "but of course!" yay! {g})

finally, a little bit before the show, got a call back saying that if saturday afternoon would work, that would be great, meet at his hotel, how will he know who you are? well, i'll recognise him but...i'll have a green hat on. date was set.

so, went and saw the show, and it was good, and it got the thumbs up from my friend for canadian theatre (if only if only i could get ahold of KitH or some canadian films.. ah well.), had great fun discussing it afterwards because it's been awhile since i've gotten to do that (i miss my jodi!), had some food, went out for the night, because this is prague and that's what you do.

ended up at M1, one of the clubs out here. alright place, but nothing special, but a common hangout for the meds and people i know, so. walked in, saw someone i'd met a week before and hadn't spoken to since, he calls me over to say hi and introduce me to the guys he's with... daniel macivor and richard, the composer from the show! they were out half because it's prague, half to celebrate the fact that the performance that night had been The Last One Ever, the play was being officially retired. before troy had a chance to introduce us i told mr macivor (daniel?) that i was supposed to be meting him tomorrow. "oh so that's the green hat! lovely indeed.." {g}

so i got to spend the night chatting with daniel and richard amongst others, but spent most of the time sitting there with them. it almost made the interview the next day seem a little redundant, but in the end, different topics, sobriety, it was all good.

i love prague. strange things happen here. mostly good. {g}

although the one comment daniel made the next day was that although he'd been to prague before, this was his first time going out and being with the more non-czech crowd. and M1 is very much a medic/brit/american place to hang out. he said that it was interesting, that it seemed like a very small, tight, closed community. which it is, especially with the medics, they're together out here for 6 or 7 years. daniel said that you could really see the drama that comes out of being so small, though. and he was only there one night. and it was a night that, to me at least, seemed to be a little less on the drama than normal. hah.

i suppose if your career's made on little observations of people, you do it all the time. interesting fellow though. fun to interview. afterwards we compared american and canadian mentalities ("look at our flags, though. americans, it's stars and bars, big and bold. us? it's a leaf. just a leaf. nothing grand. a leaf that dies every year, no less! dies and restarts every year..."), good fun. just wish i'd had more time to chat with him! though i got a lot more than planned, so i can't complain.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

this is the post that should have been written up and posted yesterday, but i was too tired and cold to bother.

so i'll write it now.

but pretend that it's yesterday.

sarah officially has a full 1500Kc in her pocket after a hard day's work being a runner for the filming of a music video. hurrah!!

ran into a group of film-ish people scouting the area where i live for a music video on thursday. didn't have anything better to do so i went up and ended up chatting with the producer briefly, asked if they needed helpers, he ended up calling me on saturday asking me to work the next day. so all sunday i spent in the freezing cold, being the main helper for the (loud, brash, from-the-bronx) director. the video's for AFI, who i'd never heard of before then, though apparently they've been around awhile. nice enough fellows, even if the video (all their own ideas) is rather silly and already-been-done-a-thousand-times-over. but a fun day nonetheless! and now, if only this'll lead to more work on film sets... but we'll have to see.

either way. sarah's earning money! and doing fun things while earning it!

and teaching a few english classes. not a lot of money, but some.

and teaching herself quark and other magazine layout things, although that won't earn me money. at least not in the near future. but it'll mean i get to contribute to a new mostly-music-based magazine out here.

which means that when i (finally!) get to see Boban Markovic Orkestar on wednesday night, i've gotta put together a wicked review. and, when enon plays on sunday, chances are i'll be getting in there to interview the band. nifty stuff like that.

when i decided to stay in prague, i knew i wouldn't earn much money, but that i'd end up getting involved in the stuff i actually like. so i'm still going to be dirt poor for the next while. but surely this is worth it, no?


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

continued proof that sarah is an absolute moron:

i knew my phone number properly for the first two weeks, had no problem telling people the right one. and suddenly this week, when it counts, when i'm starting to try to find work, i have a sudden bout of isolated dyslexia, changing one 9 to a 4 in my head, and continue constantly to give out the wrong phone number.

i think i've fixed all the mistakes now, the important people know the correct number.

but the real kicker is the fact that i sent an email for a proofreading job with the wrong number written both in the message and in my attached resume.

oh, the irony.

i don't think i'll be getting that job now...