Friday, September 26, 2003

ooh. sarah found a way to cheat the system to get proper internet access for free at the local library. which means not having to pay £4 to go to peterborough and back for an hour's worth of free net, OR paying to get a crappy AOL setup at the hotel.

nifty. finally starting to catch up on other peoples' pages. daunting task. but i'm a trooper.

been playing bargirl lately and loving it. s'nice chatting with people all the time. met some great people so far. and absolutely adore the local elderly guys that come in every day. made friends with some locals that are closer to my age who happen to be complete musicians so spent last night after work hanging around outside while they played guitar and sang. and i was just amused. partially laughing at them, i'll admit, but it was still fun. falltime's definitely here now so it was quite nippy, but it's
lovely. still have yet to see this "dreary, wet, rainy england" that i've heard so much of - weather's been gorgeous every day since i got here. save two days, but one of those was beautifully windy and stormy, so that was just as good.

finally going to get my proper room at the hotel tomorrow. which means i can finally unpack. this makes me happy. it also means that i'll be next door to the person who has a cat visit him through his window on a regular basis. i'm just hoping that if i have my window open all the time too, maybe maybe maybe the cat'll start wandering into my room as well. it'd be nice to have a cat around. although i'm sure stephane would be disappointed if he lost his sole claim on the cat.

but life's like that sometimes.

there's one house in the centre of town (which means that it's a very fancy place and prolly owned by someone quite rich) which has a lovely grand piano in the front room - always saw it when i walked by it. and i just got permission to drop by whenever i feel like playing it. i'm sure that's the first and last time a random girl will knock on their door begging to use an instrument.

and speaking of oundle. i've had snippets of descriptions of the place, but not anything quite coherent. and i won't get anything fully in ever, i'm sure. but the longer i stay here, the more i like it. it's like england stuck in a time bubble. the buildings are all ancient, the place is tiny and surrounded by countryside (yesterday got shown some of Rob The Local's favourite spots from when he was a kid, places i'd never have come across on my own. beautiful swimming holes and fields and good places to look at canal boats), and.. it's very unlike Real England (as every
british person who stays here says) but it's so stereotypically Old England.. it's grand.

anyways. all posts are random these days because i'm always just trying to cram in as many thoughts as possible when i actually get 'net access. although now that i know the sly way to do it... hopefully i can keep this up til i have to leave. we'll see.

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