Thursday, August 14, 2003

why is it that there's people who you don't really become good friends with until you've almost left them, or even after you've parted ways, through email? because i have a bad habit of doing that. the last semester before i left vancouver i suddenly started to make a bunch of friends only to leave them within months. and even in prague, there's a number of people that i didn't get to know so well until towards the end of things. like marcia, who just sent me an email, who left prague in december. chances are i'll see her again, seeing as she lives in the states and a friend of hers (who was my flatmate for a brief while, actually) lives in seattle, but still. it's too bad we didn't hang out more earlier on.

don't know why that works. maybe because people let their guard down a little more towards the end of things. that's one of the reasons i'm a little sorry to be graduating soon, because it's in the higher classes that you really start to get to know your classmates, just as everyone's about to put in their application for graduation. it's unfortunate.

enough writing. want to swim but gotta pack first!

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