Saturday, August 09, 2003

so! family gathering of the gerickes north of hamburg. every summer all the families get together and the mom treats everyone. they used to go to a summer place in denmark, but that got too expensive, so now they get together and do grand outings every day. this year there were trips to the lake, an amusement park, a wildlife park (got to see live wildeschweine for the first time. and got my first real good looks at badgers and foxes. and mink. and they had a few canadian sea otters too. and some amazing birds of prey. still felt terrible that they were stuck in a park - especially for the raccoon. couldn't complain out loud, though, woulda been rude. and i'll admit it's still a well-run place and the animals do usually seem to get good places to live..), a sand castle competition along with playing in the baltic sea, more lake fun, day trip to hamburg and seeing Miniature World (and watching liam act the most excited i've ever seen him.. his dad needs to learn to like model trains, just so that liam can get some for christmas. the kid'd be in heaven then.) and... a bunch more. the group nearly got to see a movie for free, thanks to the grown-ups' foster-brother from when they were growing up (he's apparently a bigtime airbrush artist, does a lot of work for films so gets free passes that he never usually uses) except that the showing that would have worked was sold out. ah well. it was only Sinbad ("MIT CATHERINE ZETA-JONES!!" say all the ads, despite the fact that it's all been dubbed!!!), so i wasn't too upset. personally i was against seeing Legally Blonde 2 ("naturally blonde 2" in germany) if only because i'd have spent the whole film being frustrated that reese witherspoon didn't sound like reese witherspoon.

although! brief interjection: it only makes sense, but i never realised it until i saw an ad on TV for T3 - arnie does his own dubbing, at least into german. and y'know what? he still has That Accent even in german. heike says that it's what the austrian dialect really sounds like but i don't recall hearing anything quite like that when i listened to austrian german before. still. quite amusing. at least it is to me. but i digress.

but north germany. good times.

and like i said, at the high point, there were seventeen kids running about: liam, loana, benedikt, judith, julius, manu, gabriel, simon, phillip, lisa, jacob, jona, emi, josef, pascal, michi, and sebastien. the last seven were only there for two and a half days. before they came i couldn't imagine having so many kids around. but after they left the 10 left didn't seem like many at all - everything seemed rather calm then. everything's relative.

judith and jacob, the oldest ones, laid claim on me as often as they could. which was fine with me, because they're both damn cool kids. and both speak english (although as expected, learned even more german this week just trying to communicate with so many more kids at once). but if jacob continues like he is now, he's gonna grow up to be extremely awesome. the kid's got one of the driest senses of humour that i know. and his younger sister, emi, took an extreme shining to me, wouldn't let go of me when they were all supposed to leave. and even though she speaks precious little english and i don't know german well enough when you get down to voice-only, she wanted to talk to me on the phone when they called after they'd gotten home. it was an extremely stilted conversation. but she's a sweetie. {g}

and i got to meet arne for the first time in 17 years, as well as meet his wife for the first time. spent awhile reminiscing about prague with arne because he lived there for a couple of years as well. and spend a goodly amount of time chatting with astrid and kirsten (one of the main reasons i did go along, even though the thought of so many gerickes in one place was a little petrifying before i actually got there) and had a traditional sarcasm-fest with ansgar.

good good times. didn't want to leave today, actually. unfortunately today was the only option i could find for getting back to glees before catching a flight next thursday. so now i have almost a week to live here on my own. no idea what to do yet. probably getting fruits and veggies and fabric at the nearest big town tomorrow. and plan on biking around a bunch and swimming in the laacher-see. other than that, not a clue. anyone wanna fly out here for a mini roadtrip for a few days? got me a car at my disposal while i'm here, afterall... {g}

migraine returning. must sleep now.

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