Tuesday, August 19, 2003

norway is wonderful. being with friends is awesome. especially hanging around with incredibly creative people (particularly ones whose names sound like they're from Lord of the Rings), even if it's almost a little depressing realising how talented they are and how lacking in talent i am. being able to look around at the landscape and actually see crisp, clear, bright, beautiful colours is grand (unlike seeing the constantly hazy, washed-out-by-pollution-in-the-air landscape in germany). ocean breezes are lovely. fresh seafood's even better. pointless, prolonged conversations about fuck-all are the best part.

embassies still suck - weekend trip to oslo just to go to the UK embassy today to get my working visa, all for naught because i needed better proof of finances. and he wouldn't even look any further at the application. incredibly annoying. so i'll just mail it up and hope for the best instead. still, got to see oslo again, got to meet new norwegians and ran into friends of a friend that i didn't expect to ever see again, got to have a mini-road trip there and back to practice driving the car in preparation for tomorrow...

because! because because because! tomorrow (or maybe the next day, depends on how efficient we all are tomorrow) lise, frode, stefan and i head off to lise's hutt (cabin) somewhere out near some lake or ocean or whatnot, to camp, canoe, swim, lounge, and forget that the rest of the world exists.

oh so exciting.

alas, i'll be without internet for awhile. but there's worse things that could happen, right?

in all honesty, i just want to stay here. screw england, i'll just have to find some way to stick around norway. i love it here. {g}

no, that won't happen. i guess i'm going to england. i'll just have to be certain to come back and visit. especially during summers.

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