Wednesday, August 13, 2003

my little brother and i are both trying to work on resumes. i'll be curious to see which of us gets a job first..

whither: who're your references anyways?
disco_cat26: um.. old supervisors. One at museum, one at pacific blends, pastor greg for character reference, mona
disco_cat26: I should get some stereotypical black guy as a reference, so they phone him up and he'll talk in ebonics to them so they won't understand
whither: good idea.
whither: i don't know who the hell to put on as a reference. maybe one of the gerickes for character ref, but i really don't know anyone in europe who i could use. or at home for that matter. :P
disco_cat26: Jesus
disco_cat26: and then say his phone number is "Prayer"
disco_cat26: he'll never tell anything naughty about you
whither: you so sure about that?
disco_cat26: no
disco_cat26: but it'd be cool to have jesus as a reference
whither: well, they do say that jesus is your friend...
whither: i wanna make that resume. Jesus, Token Black Guy, who else do we need?
disco_cat26: hm..
disco_cat26: dead dictator
whither: Hitler?
whither: just title your resume BETTER THAN HITLER
disco_cat26: AND HOW
whither: no, that'll be the heading on Page 2

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