Wednesday, August 13, 2003

looking for suggestions for thank you gifts for:
a) zee germans, for letting me stay here, although i think cleaning up the place wonderfully is a good start already, as well as a kitchen that'll be well-enough stocked for when they get back a few days after i leave here, as well as a half-tank of gas in the car which was empty when i started using it (gas it damn pricey out here, so there's no way i can afford to put in more than a half-tank at a time).
b) the nice norwegians who're letting me stay at their place even though they only just met me last time i was there. if frode drank i'd bring them alcohol (cuz it's cheap here and damn expensive there) but he doesn't. and i'd bring lise donald duck things if i could find them, but i can only find comics in german, so that's also a bust. i have a mini-cactus to bring, that's a start, right?

but any suggestions, SMS me (+420 721 866 849), because i'm going out for the day and it's my last chance to shop, so i'll need them on the road.

driving standard, i might add. it feels so good to be commandeering a car again. especially one that you actually get to drive, not a silly automatic machine...

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