Saturday, August 09, 2003

i just watched Saving Silverman because:
1. i needed something brainless to do while i ate (alone.. so very alone..)
2. jack black amuses me somehow
3. neil diamond music kinda drew me in, although granted, i'd already settled on watching it anyways, but give me some credit..
4. it was the only thing on tv in english (i do so hate the german tradition of dubbing EVERYTHING)
5. it's always sorta fun to see vancouver even when it pretends to be washington, specially when you haven't seen it for awhile. didn't see any extras that i recognised though.

and it wasn't entirely terrible. i did laugh..once...and i think it was supposed to be funny then...

see? i'm not a complete movie snob. not entirely. often, but not always.

also, and completely unrelated: The Darkness has a concert in Hamburg tomorrow night. they already had one in koln last night. and i didn't get to see them for free in london - timing just didn't work. which means i'll miss them once again. (ooh, but if i *do* end up in england, i could see them on my birthday in bristol.. such excitement..) course, only one person really understands how sad this is. but then again, it would only be proper to see them live with that one person, elsewise the whole thing would be a little less fun. life's a shame like that sometimes...

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