Friday, August 29, 2003

i finally have a set date to leave norway: thursday september 4. and then i fly to london and start winging it from there. still don't have anything set up yet, although now i have a week to do that. and i guess that's alright. the strange thing will be staying in sandefjord after my best friend here leaves. i'll be staying with other friends, who are still awesome people, but they're friends through him, and it's always a little strange suddenly making that jump between being friends through a friend to being friends yourself.

shush, it makes sense in my mind.

not like it's a problem. they're good people. and i've already been living at their place for awhile now, so it's all good.

still. a week at the hytt put me into super-relaxed mode, so coming back to real life's a bit of a shock still.

but the hytt! oh, it was wonderful. norwegian wilderness at it's best. although it was on a lake, rather than the ocean. but swimming every day, sunshine most of the time, beaver-hunting (realised that although the beaver might be the canadian national animal, i'd never seen one in the wild before now. and this guy didn't mind being the centre of attention one bit, waddling around and eating everything he saw.. he must have been old - he even had a beard. we dubbed him Harry. good times..), canoeing, kayaking, chopping wood, nearly chopping my foot off in the process, getting a lovely tan...


but at the moment people want to sleep, so i have to leave. more later.

i love norway, though..

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