Saturday, August 02, 2003

guess who got to ride on a motorcycle for the first time today. tough one, that. but the trip alone reminded me that the rhineland is really beautiful. especially on cool, moist, heading-for-hot-sunny-afternoons morning. it also makes me want to learn how to drive a motorcycle meself and even, possibly, one day, get one of my own.

but that's a looooooooooong ways away.

actually, olaf would have let me driven it today if my feet could have touched the ground when i was just trying to balance the thing before turning on the motor. curse these short legs!

(actually, don't. i rather like them. in a somewhat-off-topic, i've somehow magically gained some weight. didn't think that was possible. and it really bothers me because suddenly i'm not used to my body being like this and i don't really like it. but cry me a river, i know. it's some reverse body-perception disorder, i think. i know it's a good thing to be gaining weight, i'm just so used to being skinny that the second i'm any less-so, it disturbs me. i'll get over it. everyone who has a real reason to complain about anything, go ahead.)

(and if anyone has any idea why my appetite's suddenly a lot larger than it usually is, do tell. i'm thinking maybe i have a new pet tapeworm or something. very strange.)

(although if someone could make my left breast stop being vaguely achy and sensitive, it'd be greatly appreciated. one day might have been bearable, if annoying, but now it's just bugging me.)

(that may or may not have been TMI. oh well.)

and then i spent a couple hours reading Franny & Zooey cover to cover as well as a few chapters in 9 Stories (A Good Day for Bananafish, and For Esme, With Squalor) in a bookstore because i couldn't afford to buy either one. and i need to reread them again, because i do think i got more out of F&Z than last time. and if nothing else, i scribbled a bunch of messy notes in a book because i couldn't underline and circle if i wasn't going to buy the book. although actually, if i ever did buy a brand new book and it had notes and comments written throughout, i'd be more than happy. that was what i liked about getting text books for classes in high school - seeing what sort of notes people had written inside in years past. i like seeing peoples' thought processes when they read something, random tidbits of knowledge that i wouldn't have known otherwise... which is why i was rather annoyed when my umberto eco book (which i still haven't read and would have loved to now if someone had remembered to pass on a message, daniel...) came back without a mark in it. when i'd specifically asked them to mark it up all they wanted. or at least throw in explanations of jewish/hebrew references, being that the guy reading it knew a ton about judaism and hebrew himself. could have been handy.

but them's the breaks.

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