Sunday, August 10, 2003

finally got around to (attempting to) edit photos and throw them up online, because at the moment i can only upload them to olaf's computer if i want access to the internet. unfortunately there's a ton of photos on my laptop that i want to put up, but that'll have to wait awhile.

in the meantime, because german computers are strange and won't give me access to where i usually upload to, i had to throw them up at yahoo. which means i can't link to images, which is a bother, but what can you do. SO! Germany and Scandinavia are the new folders, you're welcome to browse through them if you want. olaf's computer also doesn't have a decent editting program (although i'm quite proud of figuring out how to shrink images at the very least, considering all the menus are in german on this thing) so some aren't perfect or aren't put together or whathaveyou. life's a bitch.

oh, and finally, a looooooooong time ago, just before i left prague, i mentioned that i had a secret that would likely be told soon enough. (i'd link, but apparently blogger won't let me republish archives right now..) i was keeping it quiet because i wanted to surprise some people when i got home, but at this point, who knows when that is. and afterwards it sorta slipped my mind for awhile. but now i remembered, so! it's a bad photo, i know, lighting in this house is not my friend. daniel tried to fix it a little for me though, so voila!:

sarah got a tattoo! and yes, it was my doodle (even though you can't see it so well). wouldn't have anonymous art that means nothing to me stenciled in for life. but like everyone says, it's addictive. i already want to add to it. but that's my official prague tattoo.

oh the excitement.

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