Saturday, August 09, 2003

despite less sleep than intended, despite failing to keep my resolutions of the week, despite not having eaten anything yet today (although i just realised i hadn't right this minute..should fix that), despite it being hot and muggy and sticky, i look awesome today. and it's a cryin shame that there's no one around (who matter at least.. unless the farmer who just drove by on his tractor counts..) to show it off to. that's just how it goes, ain't it.

during the fruit&veggie trip this morning (saturday morning farmer's markets - gotta love 'em) i managed to find a used book store that actually has books in english for €1,50 or less. and they even let me have the battered french kids cavalier novel for free. only left with that, Planet of the Apes (€0,50, figured what the hell) and a many-paged* german donald duck comic (in hopes of learning a bit more german), but if i run out of things to read by thursday, now i know where to go.

query to anyone though: what's ayn rand like? there was one of her books there that i debated picking up, but i don't know if her philosophies would just drive me mental or if i'd like reading it, so i figured i'd save the money for the time being (hey, €1,45'll get me three italian icecream cones, so!). any opinions on her or Objectivism?

but what i meant to follow the book paragraph was: is donald duck all that popular in north america? as a comic, at least? because he's amazingly popular here. all the comic book stores usually have big images of him up or outside or somewhere, and there's a ton of those available, and i've actually met a ton of people who have a near-obsession with the comic, get it every week, love it to tears. i really don't think donald duck (or any disney character, for that matter) is popular as a comic book like that back he? it's like.. well, they seem to be as prevalent here as archie comics are at home. and come to think of it, i don't know that i've seen any archies out here (not that they should be, but just a sudden realisation). "out here" actually being europe in general. scandinavia and germany are the places that have the strong DD followings, as far as i know, but he could be elsewhere as well... i don't know. s'very peculiar.

and speaking of comics. got to watch Bug's Life up in hamburg (dubbed into german of course: "Das Grosse Krebbel"). though it was quite amusing because i realised i was still imagining dave foley and david hyde-pierce and dennis leary and everyone in my heads doing voices still...except that they were all german. even though they didn't sound quite the same and the inflection was all wrong in some places. but it was strange how strongly the ...communistic? whatever you want to call it, the political message in the movie, how strong that came across this time (and i loved it). maybe it's just because i haven't watched it for awhile. maybe it's because when you watch it in a different language and just remember the words actually being said you actually notice what's being said more (go figure). but it was quite bizarre. but nifty.

but anyways. seeing as i haven't eaten yet today, it might be an idea to find me some food. got fresh nectarines today... mmmm.....

* read: "page-ed"

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