Tuesday, August 12, 2003

could someone please tell me where the sprinkler is? i'd rather not stand outside with a garden hose all afternoon long... velvet goldmine's gonna be on, and fear and loathing in las vegas (have i mentioned how random german tv is? earlier today it was moulin rouge - i think today might be ewan mcgregor day)... and i'm still trying to get worked up into getting through the harry potter book (although really, i'm just reading it because someone passed it along to me. i must be one of the few who really doesn't care for those books either way, even though i read them, but i only read them when i sumble across them, never go out of my way to get a copy). and if i had the sprinkler i could take the time to lie under it for awhile, because it's more than hot enough for a sprinkler session today. i'd be at the lake if i wouldn't die of heat exhaustion on the bikeride there first. maybe later tonight.

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